If you want to change, add or amend your contact details, you will need to contact the account manager.

So what does it mean to be an Emergency SOS Contact and what can you do?

As an Emergency SOS Contact you and others will be alerted when the alarm user raises an alarm via their phone application with details and instructions on what to do so you don’t need to remember anything below, but it helps to know what to expect.

The most important thing is for an Emergency SOS contact to take responsibility so other Emergency SOS contacts who have also received an “SOS Alert” can stand down and come off full alert.

You may receive multiple alerts from the same person via different communication channels i.e. email, phone call or SMS.

If you are one of those awesome people who is an EmergencySOS Contact for a number of different people (Alarm users) each person will be assigned a unique up to 5 digit code, this code is key to reference when replying to alerts.

By Email:

If your email has been added, you will be sent an “email Alert”. If the alarm user has recorded a message, your email will also contain a link to the recorded message” or it may contain “a google map link of their latest location”

You can take responsibility by clicking on the “Take Responsibility” link. All other Emergency SOS Contacts who have also received a message will be informed that you have taken responsibility.

By Phone:

If landline or mobile phone has been added to “voice alerts”, you will receive a call by our auto attendant and she will say:

“This is an Emergency Alert” <Name of Alarm User > has pressed SOS and says help me, to take responsibility please press 1”

To take responsibility you press 1 on your phone keypad. Again all other Emergency SOS Contacts will be notified you have taken responsibility.

Our attendant can do some great things like calling phone extensions and getting through phone menu choices so can reach any person, why not ask the alarm user to try some of these advanced features when editing Emergency SOS contacts.

By SMS/Text Message:

If your mobile phone has been added and text messaging is enabled, you will be sent a “text message alert”, if you have a smart-phone and the alarm user has recorded a message, your text message will also contain a link to the recorded message or a google map link of their last location, we always add the alarm users phone number in the message so you don’t have to remember it.

You can use the commands always sent within text message to first take responsibility so other Emergency SOS contacts can be informed you have taken; then you can call the alarm user back directly, or message other Emergency SOS Contacts.

Android Smart-phone special features - tracking

Within “advanced features” Emergency SOS Contact, the alarm user has full control of this feature, they can set you up to be able to find their location “anytime” remember this only works if they set it up and the default setting is that it is “switched off”.

To get their location you must reply to the number you have been SMS’d with Find@xxxx the “xxxx” being a unique code associated with each Alarm user. The current location of the android phone will be sent to you.

For ios devices, Apple is restrictive, the alarm user within settings must firstly enable “background updates” where location updates are sent to their account, any find@ request you will get the “last location” updated.

That’s it, if you have any more questions you can send us an email at info@mysosfamily.org

In less than 5 minutes you and your family can feel protected

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