Are there any hidden charges?

We have a transparent pricing policy - please see our pricing page. We don’t wait until you get to the end of a purchasing basket and then add extra costs. We prefer to be upfront and honest with the price you will pay and we have no hidden charges.

To support this we also provide you with a no-quibble money-back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with our services.

Before we explain the pricing further, our customers tell us that the reason they ask about “hidden charges” is because they cannot understand how our prices are so competitive. Also, they are concerned especially after having being tricked by companies and traders who provide a low initial quote, only to add extra charges later. We too have been victims of these types of selling tactics, not only from traders but also when we buy cheap low cost air travel, and like you we too are customers. That’s why we have created a culture of treating you exactly as we expect to be treated ourselves.

To understand why our personal alert prices are so competitive (cheaper), we recommend you find out how we have removed the two most expensive factors, while retaining our world class quality and reliability. To find out what these two factors are, please read the answer to the customer question: “Why are your prices so much cheaper when compared with other alarm alert systems?

You should now understand how we are able to provide you with an amazing service as such a low price.

Our pricing strategy is very similar to a PAYG SIM. You first add credit to the account (see the pricing page for your country). The credit amount you buy is a minimum of £10/$10/€10.  , each time you trigger the alert and SMS's and phone calls are made to your SOS contacts your balance reduces.
Any unused credit is rolled over into the next month for 12 months maximum.
Just think how many real emergencies will you have? if its only a few, then the initial £10/$10/€10 top-up should be enough for the year, you can top-up anytime and add more.

Free trial
During your free trial we give every new customer credit on their account. We used to charge for a 2-week plan, but decided to scrap that and instead we give that amount to everyone to test the system for themselves. And we don’t ask for your credit card details to start the free trial.

We know some customers will only use My SOS Family during the free trial period. For example, they may be going abroad for a week or two and want their family members to feel protected for 14 days; or they may have recently been discharged from hospital after a fall and need that extra protection for a few weeks while they regain their confidence and independence.

We are happy to have helped people feel protected and ask that if you’ve been satisfied, please share and tell others. If you’ve not satisfied for any reason please tell us by email.

After the trial period
Only after your free trial period, or when you’ve used the free credit we give you, if you want to remain protected you choose to top up £10/$10/€10 to continue your protection.

You can either login to your App’s account page or login to your account via our website. You can see the credit on your account on the dashboard and can top-up.

Your Bonus? We even add any unused trial credit to your balance when you top-up/buy credit. Do remember to buy before the credit expires, so you keep the benefit of your unused free credit.

How is the credit used and how long will it last?
The credit lasts for 12 months.

Every time an SOS family member is alerted by SMS or phone call, your balance is reduced by 20 cents/20 pence but email is free. So it depends how many “real” emergencies you have. We have found that customers usually have no more than 1 – 3 emergencies a year.

If in the rare circumstance you have many emergencies and your balance falls below £1/$1.50, we alert you (by email & SMS) and you can top-up for as little as £10/€10/$10

So we operate in a very similar way to a pay-as-you-go SIM card service.  

You can now see that there are no hidden charges and we believe passionately that customers should only pay for what they use.

What if I want a contract rather than PAYG?
We understand that some customers believe that they may run out of credit when they need help and want the comfort and ease of not having to top up. For these customers we provide the convenience of a monthly subscription payment plan for unlimited usage. There is a fair usage policy to protect us from someone using it for example 10 times daily, but apart from extreme cases (we do overlook short-term extreme use), unlimited means unlimited.

For that choose the monthly uption in the dashboard in your account, the monthly amount is £7/$7/€7.


Why can’t I have auto top-up?
In the future we will be introducing an auto top-up facility so when your balance falls below a certain level your account will be topped up automatically by a minimum amount.