Are your products less reliable or inferior?

Simple answer : NO!

Remember our product is a software and telecommunications service that is installed on your own phone or other device. So the reliability will in the first instance depend upon how reliable your mobile phone is and secondly how reliable your network provider is.

Reliability of your phone
Your phone may be very old and/or the battery may run out quickly. If that is the case then we would recommend you either change the phone or at least get a new, replacement battery. This will greatly improve your phone’s reliability.

A brand new, basic mobile phone (or home cordless phone) is relatively cheap as there are many manufacturers and models on the market, and a new one could cost less than a replacement battery.

Which smartphone? All of our experts recommend Android smartphones, for a number of reasons. Unlike the iPhone, which is only made by Apple, prices of Android phones are lower due to higher competition between different manufacturers. This also applies to parts like spare batteries, or phone chargers, and the My SOS Family App will work with all Android smartphones.

Reliability of your Network provider
It’s rare that either landline or mobile phone providers fail completely. When it comes to reliability, the key and more important factor is mobile signal coverage. To get some tips on improving this, click on the link and look at the answer to our customers’ popular question: “What if there is no mobile phone signal?

Once you have improved your signal, or are satisfied with it and have covered the two important factors above, remembering that you can now rely on calling 999/911/112/000 emergency services from your phone in life-threatening situations, we now go on to explain how you can feel confident with our services. 

My SOS Family quality & reliability
When most people ask us about how reliable we are, or about the quality of our services, they have told us it’s because our prices are so much lower than other personal alarm providers. To understand the two key and most important reasons why our prices are lower, these can be found at the link and answer to our customers' question: “Why are your prices so much cheaper?

We are fanatical about security and reliability and pay for our systems to be managed with the same provider that manages systems for Government sectors like the Defence Industry and Emergency Ambulance service, and which operates worldwide.

We are members and adhere to the high standards and rules of conduct of the leading industry body on telephone-enabled care systems.

We invest in a world class system and are members of trade organisations because we provide you with the same system we provide to our own family members.

You can now see how we provide and invest in world class systems that are reliable
Finally, do you remember only a few years ago SIM contracts and making phone calls were very expensive, especially when using your phone abroad (roaming charges)? Now prices are extremely competitive, we even change mobile provider based on price. Knowing that reliability is pretty much comparable, the same goes with our insurance policy or gas/electricity/water providers. Would we think that picking an expensive provider of electicity will be better quality or more reliable? the answer is no.