Do my SOS contacts need to remember codes, numbers or what to do?

Your SOS Contacts never need to remember a single code or command as they are sent all the information they need within the alerts they receive making the system simple to use and intuitive.

When the initial alert is sent, it’s really easy to reply back to the SMS sender with the code sent to them.

When your SOS contact takes responsibility, they are then sent the next command they may need so they are available at their fingertips, codes are:-
 -              Find@<unique code>
 -              Info@<unique code>
 -              Resend SOS@<unique code>

Find@<unique code>
When you are sent and SOS Alert from a smartphone the alert will include the location of the sender when they initiated the alert.

If the sender used their OneTouchAlert phone number to initiate the alert then the alert will include a link to the voice message,

If the sender used the countdown Timer, then they may have changed location when the timer ended.

For up to 24 hours after an alert is initiated all SOS contacts can locate the sender by simply replying to the initial help me SMS with Find@<unique code>, e.g. find@n572

If the user does not have a smartphone or tablet with the My SOS Family App installed, then you will be unable to locate them.

For iPhone users they will need to have their Data on or be connected to Wifi and the app will need to remain open in the background.

SOS Contacts can can locate users of the App anytime, but only if they are authorised by the user to do so, the account manager or user of the App edits the SOS contact who they wish to authorise to locate them anytime and ticks the box Locate anytime.


Info@<unique code>#Message
SOS Contacts can message each other by simply replying to the SMS with info@<unique code># then type the message after the #

e.g. info@n572# mom is ok now and I’m with her, all ok.


Resend SOS@<unique code>
Assuming Trevor has taken responsibility to the Alert and everyone has been messaged and therefore feel at ease.

Trevor for some reason may be unable to help for example he may become stuck in traffic, has an accident himself or his train maybe delayed.

In these instances, Trevor simply replies to the SMS he received with

resend SOS@<unique code> e.g. resend sos@n572.

The other SOS contacts will now receive a message saying “Trevor cannot take responsibility” and it will start the SOS process again sending everyone alerts  and reminders if no-one  takes responsibility.