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My name is Amy,

I hate running the same route every day as I get bored, instead I love to explore different areas and make up my own route, now with google maps I never get lost and can always find my way home.

I didn’t want an app that would drain my battery or use all my data allowance.

With My S0S Family app not only do I feel safer but I can discretely ask for help and send out my location.

I can also be located anytime.

Imagine how much more confidence I have when I go for a run, my family is much happier too as they worry if I’m out for more than 45 minutes.

I downloaded the App and tried the free 14 day trial, I was impressed, I didn’t wait 14 days, I logged into my account and decided £30 for a year was well worth it for such a secure unrivalled system.

I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who spends time on their own.