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I’m Matt,

My mates and I love to party especially when on holiday.

My parents are always worried when I’m abroad and ask me to call them every day.

My mum insisted I try the free 14 day trial of My SOS Family App as my next trip away was for 10 days, I had nothing to lose.

When she didn’t hear from me she would go into the app and easily locate where I am.

The App works without data which is brilliant as I always have my phone turned off when I’m abroad to avoid a massive bill.

After the 14 day trial my mum suggested I continue with the app as she still worried about me being away at university, it was only £30 for a whole year.

You can just imagine how much peace of mind my mum has now.

My girlfriend has the App too so I know how mum feels.

I absolutely recommend it to anyone who spends time on their own, if not for them, then for their loved ones’ peace of mind.