Keep your family and loved ones safe with the My SOS Family app

The My SOS Family app turns your smartphone into a personal safety device. To get started, download the app for a free 14-day trial, register your details and add your emergency contacts. Your SOS Family Network can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

We have created a secure automated system where every alert, together with the location, is sent to your emergency contacts when requesting help. There is no call centre involved so no queuing, delays or human error!

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What our customers say

"This is the perfect solution, no complicated devices, no call centres, no hassle, just a safety net - built into your own mobile phone!"

- Matt, Social Worker

"If my husband (he has motor neurone disease) has a fall now, whoever is in the nearest location to him will be there to help him recover quickly"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get charged after the trial ends?

No. For your contacts to continue receiving SOS alerts by SMS or voice you must login either via the website or app to choose your preferred payment method.

If I download the APP will I be charged?

No. When you first register you will receive free credit to trial our service. When the trial ends there is no fee. If are happy and feel you need the service you then login and choose a payment method.

Who is it for?

The My SOS Family App is for smartphone users who are confident with using apps. It is used by a range of people including: lone workers, people with limited mobility, and elderly users who want to give themselves and their families peace of mind when leaving the house, younger users who want to feel safer when travelling alone.

It can also be downloaded and used by family members to connect with and monitor relatives with other My SOS Family devices.

Does My SOS Family also need the app?

No - The My SOS Family system will work with other smartphones, basic mobiles, landline, text capable devices, compatible with email, and when programmed, will also call through 3 layers of office extensions to deliver an SOS message.

How many SOS family contacts can I add?

So long as you stay within our fair usage policy there is no limit, but you don't need to worry. Most users will never meet this limit and in the rare circumstance that you might, we will warn you well in advance and discuss options for either managing your network more efficiently or in very rare cases upgrading your service to allow more data usage.

Will it work Abroad?

Yes, even if you turn off your roaming data. We designed the Android App to automatically switch to SMS when there is no data network coverage.

How much does it cost?

The App is free to Download. 14 days usage will be added to your account automatically when you register. After your trial period has ended, you can continue to use the My SOS Family system to stay protected for monthly fee or choose to top up whenever credit becomes low; view pricing options.

The app has distinctive extra features:

GPS services, lets your contacts know where you are once an SOS is initiated.

Timer/Countdown, sets a countdown to an SOS alert which triggers when the timer reaches zero, unless it is cancelled.

How it works

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