Causes and Location of Fall Injuries in the Elderly

03 Jul 2018

Causes and Location of Fall Injuries in the Elderly

30% of total elderly who will fall will lead to an injury 

That's nearly 1 out of every 3 people and when over 65 that increases to 2 out of 3 people.

> Where are you more likely to fall, indoors or outdoors?

Surprisingly its pretty even; 
55%, that's just over half the Falls are inside the House - 
45%, that's just under half of Falls occur outside the House 

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Surprisingly of the 45% of Falls that happen outside the house :
Half of them that's 23% are taking place near the home, 
The other half  i.e.22% are happening somewhere away from their home.

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When looking at the total falls and Places these fall happened (total Inside & Outside)

About half, that's 43% are at ground or floor level.
1.4 in 10 (14%) are whilst on stairs or steps
1 in 10 (11%) is on the Curb or sidewalk
1 in 10 (9%) is whilst on furniture like a Chair or Bed
1 in 20 (4%) is whilst using the Bath,shower or toilet
with 2 in 10 (19%) as unknown or unspecified.

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 These are the main reasons why older adults will falls

2 out of every 3 falls (59%) is due to slipping, tripping or stumbling
1 out of every 5 falls (22%) is  due to the loss of balance, fainting, seizure or dizziness. 
2 out of every 10 falls (19%) is due to some other cause 

When someone falls what will the outcome /result of Fall be:
Just under 1 in every 3 (28%) will result in short or long-term limitations in daily living activities, possibly needing a stick or support.
1 out of every 5 (20%) results in an overnight stay at hospital.

Here are some tips on making your place safer [Making every part of your home safer]

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