Helping employees feel safer at work

15 Jul 2018

Do you worry about the risks your staff may face when visiting clients alone? Your team may have expressed concerns about their personal safety and mentioned SOS apps available today.

How can My SOS Family help:

  • Staff can use their smartphone.
  • The app is easy to install and use.
  • Send a GPS location with every alert.
  • There are many ways to send alerts.

Lone worker examples:

  • Builders on vacant sites.
  • Security staff patrolling empty buildings.
  • Late-night cleaners.
  • Overnight stay for distant meeting.
  • Nurses visiting patients in their homes, etc.

What happens if an incident occurs?

In an SOS emergency, the user opens the app and presses the HELP button to notify their contacts that help is needed.
Alerts are sent by SMS or phone calls together with their location.

Taking responsibility

After an SOS alert is triggered, one of the contacts must tell our system they will deal with the incident. When a contact replies or clicks a link in the SMS, all other contacts in the group are informed so they can stand down.

Check-in feature

At each point in the journey, before arrival and at departure, your staff press "CHECK IN" with or without a message. Upon check in an email is sent with a location; ideal where constant updates are required and often used as a tracking system.

SOS Timer feature

The TIMER is useful in situations where there is no phone signal or visiting volatile clients; circumstances in which the phone or app may become inaccessible. Once the timer has started, our system also starts counting down remotely acting as a safety net, meaning if you lose signal or battery dies an SOS alert will still send. All being well, the timer must be stopped to prevent an SOS alert from triggering.

Call or email us with your requirements

Some of us are good with technology but not everyone so we help organisations set up quickly so they can try the app with ease.

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