Personal alarm for the elderly

03 May 2018

Personal alarm for the elderly

The My SOS Family personal alarm App is designed to help you live independently and alert friends or family in case of an accident or emergency so they can help quickly.

Using a smart speaker or smart phone, your friends or family can be alerted any time asking for help, offering them peace of mind.

No call centre, just your friends, family or co-workers

Press the help button on the Personal Alarm App or ask the Alexa smart speaker to send for an SOS for help. Everyone in your emergency contact list will be alerted simultaneously either by SMS alert, an automated alert phone call or email.

We recommend only including SOS Contacts (friends,co-workers or family) that are likely to respond to a SOS help alert so ensure they know about My SOS Personal Alarm services and they are able to either reach and assist you or raise the alarm with someone who can.

Using a voice assistant as a personal alarm

In case of an accident, for example a fall. we recommend a smart speaker as a personal alarm to send your distress alert to reach loved ones.
Getting to your landline may not be possible in an emergency situation, all depending on your circumstances such as a fall.
With an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot or Google Smart Home Assistant you can simply use your voice and the personal Alarm skill will send SOS out alerting your emergency contacts you need help.

The voice assistant helps by informing loved ones and tells you who has been contacted.

Learn more about using Alexa to make or receive calls

Can I use My SOS Family away from home

The simple answer is YES.
You can either use a basic mobile phone and Setup the speed-dial number provided (like a phone with an SOS button) or if you have a smart phone you can download the My SOS Family Personal Alarm App and benefit from even more features.

There is no additional cost in using our personal alarm app with an Amazon Echo Dot and My SOS Family app together. We want our customers to feel reassured they can contact loved ones anytime from anywhere.

Why not take it for a test drive, it's like insurance, its rarely used, but when it is, your glad you got it. 

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