The Best Amazon Alexa Echo Skill designed for Seniors/Elderly and Teenagers

26 Dec 2017

The Best Amazon Alexa Echo Skill designed for Seniors/Elderly and Teenagers

My SOS Family, the personal alert specialists, have create an Alexa app for the Elderly/Seniors so theirr family and friends have greater peace of mind knowing they can easily request help whenever needed. 

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The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that you talk to with you voice by saying Alexa followed by a command. You can ask it for the weather or listen to your favourite radio station (requires Wifi). The Echo Dot has come down in price making it more affordable and a cheaper alternative to a smart phone. A voice interactive assitant is appealing considering how easy it is to use.

Although the Alexa smart speaker is not intelligent (not yet anyway) it will do some basic tasks. Smart home appliances are on the increase and allow us to control them through the little speaker. In order to control the smart appliances we have to register our smart appliance throught the Alexa app by finding relevant skill. Once linked we can simply say "Alexa, turn on the lights" or "Alexa, start the dishwasher".

There are some great Skills that help keeping the brain active by solving puzzles or doing maths and crosswords using your voice. If you have an elderly relative who spends time on their own, it might be the next best thing to a pet to keep them company.  

My SOS Family has created an Alexa Skill which is initiated by saying "Alexa, start My SOS Family". Alexa then responds with: "Doris, would you like to send for help?". If you say "Yes",  alerts are sent by SMS, phone call and email depending on your setup so anyone in your contact group can respond accordingly.

More about the Alexa App

What if I'm away from home without Alexa

At no additional cost the smart phone app can be used when out and about, or a fast-dial key can be setup to trigger alerts. Existing customers simply use the same credit purchased for the Alexa. If you have the My SOS Family app already and later decide to use Alexa, the credit is shared with Alexa.

No emergency just peace of mind

We have added a check-in facility which sends an email instead of an SOS alert incase it's not an emergency. Check-in has a number of uses such as informing everyone "I'm taking the dog for a walk". Then 30 minutes, "I'm back home". A simple way to keep loved ones informed without causing a panic.

Countdown to help

For situations where changing a light bulb or any concerning activity, the timer feature allows you to countdown to trigger an SOS alert. If the timer is not stoppeed an alert will go to your contact group.


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