Latchkey kids – preparing children for being at home alone

This article looks at preparing schoolchildren for being home alone after school until an adult returns home from work later in the day or evening.

First of all, in UK law there is no age limit up to which a child cannot be left alone. It is only an offence to leave a child on their own if it places them under risk. No parent wishes their child to be alone at any time but if there is no alternative, there are ways in which a parent or child-carer can prepare them...

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A guide to choosing pendant alarms for the elderly

Modern Telecare / Careline pendant alarms for the elderly offer more functionality than ever before.

These alarms both help older people to feel happy, safe, and secure in their own home, and their families and carers to have peace of mind that their loved one can get in touch should an accident or emergency situation occur.

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