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Be brave like the good Samaritan and Spartacus's friends.

This scene brings a tear every time I watch it because It's the best of human nature:

It's about getting up and being there when someone needs you the most.

It's what the Good Samaritan did (story in The Bible) and remember Samaritans were enemy's and not seen as good until the story in The Bible showed that one should measure a person on their deeds and not their words or creed.

On Saturday 11th March 2023 co-presenters of the BBC Match Of The Day programme stood up united just like in the 1960 film Spartacus behind Gary Lineker who was cancelled for his Tweet about the rhetoric used by the British Government about desperate displaced people. (Incidentally My SOS Family also stood up and supported Gary Lineker and his co-presenters on Twitter).

It's also what professional first responders like the police, fire service and ambulance staff do each and every day, without fail.

Key elements of first responder system:

What underpins first responder system is the process they follow, if there's a fire , some breaks the law or a medical emergency, the whole force won't turn up, the key is for an operations process to assign someone to be the first responder.

My SOS Family First Responder system:

Is built on the same principle follows the same basic process.

The My SOS Family system calls, SMS's and emails emergency contacts and asks them to easily become the first responder, either by listening to the instruction in the emergency call when prompted to press "1", or by following the link in the SMS or email.

We then send an SMS to all other emergency contacts informing them of the name of the person assigned as “The First Responder”.

We also send an SMS to the person who is the first responder letting them know.

It doesn't stop at that, we also notify the SOS sender so they'll know who is helping them.

What happens if everyone tries to take responsibility.

Like in Spartacus, it's OK for everyone to respond to the link or emergency phone call, but we only assign one person as the 1st Responder (the first one we hear back from) and once we do that , we tell the others , it's OK but someone else is dealing with it, that way there can only be one first responder (Spartacus).

Why it's important to take responsibility:

We know how it feels to ask for help and then be flooded with 5 simultaneous phone calls asking, “what’s up” and “how they can help”, this process becomes a hindrance and it becomes a free-for-all disorganised chaos akin to panic-stations, which is stressful to both the person asking for help, and all the emergency contacts, Instead, the My SOS Family way let’s everyone know what’s happening and who is dealing with the SOS situation and they won’t get in the way..

First responder now can't make it:

We understand in an emergency situation, the First Responder may not be able to help because their situation has suddenly changed whilst on route e.g. stuck in traffic.

In the SMS telling The First Responder they are the one, is a link that says “if you are unable to help click this link”, the link allows the First Responder to press a button to “resend the SOS” they can also add a message e.g. “I’m stuck in traffic”

We then informs the SOS Sender that the first responder is “unable to help” and the SOS has been resent to everyone. Emergency contacts will then receive the emergency alert again as if the person asking for help pressed the SOS button, this time the SOS alerts also inform them that “first responder name” is “unable to help” and iftasks them to become the first responder.

No response - what if nobody stand's up and say's "I'm Spartacus" or no good Samaritan can be seen:

If no-one responds to alerts and therefore there is no First Responder, then after 10 minutes, We will update the SOS Sender that “no-one has responded to their SOS and would they like to send another SOS”.

That's why it's important to follow the process of becoming the first responder.

It's super easy and clever:

It's designed to be an intuitive process, instructions are sent with alerts so there is noting to remember except:

Your emergency contacts electronically need to say I'm Spartacus" and respond to the SOS alerts which is easy, keeps the sender of the SOS as well as other potential responders updated and in the loop.



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