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A New Horizon in Elderly Care: My SOS Family – A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Telecare

Updated: Mar 15

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In the UK, a multitude of telecare companies strive to provide comprehensive support services to the elderly, ensuring their safety and well-being. Members of various telecare associations and groups, alongside companies contracted with UK councils, offer valuable solutions in elderly alarm monitoring.

However, the emergence of My SOS Family introduces a low-cost, user-friendly alternative, designed to meet the evolving needs of elderly individuals, hospital trusts, councils, local authorities, and community care charities.

Leading Telecare Companies and Associations in the UK:

Several noteworthy companies and associations form the backbone of the UK’s telecare services. Some of these include:

  1. Tunstall Healthcare

  2. Legrand

  3. Doro

  4. PPP Taking Care

  5. Lifeline24

  6. Telecare24

  7. SureSafe Alarms

These companies, along with many others, are members of prominent telecare associations and groups, which work collaboratively to enhance the provision of telecare services across the UK.

The My SOS Family Advantage:

My SOS Family Automated Monitoring system offers an innovative, cost-effective alternative to traditional telecare services. Here’s how it stands out:

1. User-Friendly Design:

My SOS Family features an easy-to-use app, designed with the elderly in mind, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction. Additionally, it offers an Alexa Skill, allowing users to access services through voice commands.

2. Versatility:

Unlike conventional services, My SOS Family is not confined to smart devices. It can be accessed via a simple cell phone or landline by speed-dialing, making it accessible to a wider audience.

3. Automated Monitoring and Alerts:

Once activated, My SOS Family’s system ensures constant support for elderly people living at home through automated monitoring and alerts, from people who can provide immediate assistance when needed.

4. Free Trials:

All users receive 5 alerts and a 14-day free trial without obligation, allowing potential users to experience the service before making any commitments.

Empowering Community Care:

For hospital trusts, councils, local authorities, and community care charities, My SOS Family provides a viable solution to accelerate the reintegration of the elderly into the community.

By facilitating quicker discharges, it aids in freeing up hospital beds, thereby optimising healthcare resource allocation.

Why Choose My SOS Family?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: My SOS Family offers an affordable alternative, especially for those comparing prices and looking for local services.

  • Accessibility: The service’s compatibility with various devices, including simple cell phones and landlines, ensures wider reach and accessibility.

  • Unobligated Trial: The provision of free trials enables users to make informed decisions based on their experience with the service, and having the service free for the first 14 days after a fall or hospital discharge can provide peace of mind and confidence.


As the UK’s telecare landscape evolves, My SOS Family emerges as a frontrunner in providing affordable, user-friendly elderly care solutions.

Whether you represent a hospital trust, a local council, or a community care charity, or are an individual seeking a pendant alarm for an elderly person, My SOS Family serves as a versatile and cost-effective alternative, designed to meet the diverse needs of the elderly population.

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Note: This article provides a general overview and does not cover every telecare company, association, or group in the UK. Additionally, the listed companies are examples, and the inclusion or exclusion of any company does not imply endorsement or lack of endorsement. The information presented here is based on the knowledge cut-off as of September 2023, and there might have been changes or developments in the companies or services mentioned since then.


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