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loud personal rape alarm versus an SOS app.

Updated: Jan 30

Image of a Rape Alarm

There are many emergency SOS apps for smartphones and even more choices of high decibel rape alarms, both are different and to help you understand what's more suitable we've highlighted some differences.

What separates an SOS app from a personal rape alarm

A personal alarm (rape alarm) is designed to make a loud noise to attract attention so people around you may be alerted to help or to shock the attacker so you can get away, in a similar way to loud home burglar alarm or car alarm.

A smartphone is unable to achieve this effect, however, being more sophisticated; the app sends SOS alerts to your preset contacts together with your location (GPS).

Which is more effective?

If you are too far away, no one may hear or understand the sound.

The purpose of the personal alarm is to startle the attacker, so you have a chance to get away.

SOS apps take a different approach by sending alerts via SMS with your GPS location so your contacts can help.

All apps (we have come across) and personal alarms require you either press a button or pull a cord either may not be possible if you are unable to reach it by hand.

Most personal rape alarms run off batteries and it's important to check them regularly and change them at least one a year, others operate from mini compressed gas canisters, others also have extra features like pepper spray.

The main ingredients of pepper spray is an called oleoresin capsicum. This oil comes from capsicum plants like chili peppers and is painful when sprayed in a perpetrators eyes, allowing you to get away.

Which is better?

The simple answer is all three, a loud rape alarm operated from pulling a cord which could either handout from a handbag or carried in a pocket and some smaller ones could be clipped to bra.

Is Pepper spray legal

Whilst pepper spray is legal in 50 states of the US, in countries like the UK it's illegal, I've heard of women in the UK carrying a strong chilli pepper in their pocket, if attacked they think they will be attached they've planned to easily snap it in two with the fingers of one hand and rub their fingers into the chill which they can then rub both the chili and / or their fingers into the eyes of the attacker.

Personal safety alarm app

Sending an SOS with your GPS location is always a good idea and SOS Apps are good at that, but what's as important, if not more important is contacting the Police services, ( 911, 999, 000 , 112) whilst we all hear many stories in the media about police being perpetrators of rape, rape not being prosecuted enough etc. calling the Police is always the best advice in life-threatening circumstances.

Key features of the My SOS Family app

My SOS Family emergency alert app is discrete personal safety alarm with various ways to quickly trigger SOS alerts even when the screen is locked.

We feel this is important. If for any reason you are unable to reach phone you can use voice commands to trigger an SOS alert.

Unlike free apps including Apple's SOS app or Google / Androids SOS app, which send SMS's using the phone like a group SMS with the location, My SOS family location is a live-location so if you move the location is updated automatically and your emergency contacts don't need an app.

My SOS Family live-location tracking is similar to the safety feature in the Uber App.

SOS alerts are send by both SMS and by emergency phone calls to emergency contacts which results in alerts being noticed, reading an SMS is illegal and dangerous whilst driving and most people ignore SMS's after midnight, whilsst phone call will always be noticed.

My SOS Family App will initiate a call from your phone to the emergency services in your country like the Police ( 911, 999, 000 ) whilst our automated emergency contact centre will call and text your emergency contacts, that's why the service is trusted by so many businesses to help support their lone worker health and safety policy and procedures.

Try the app free for 30 days with no credit-card needed and no obligation to upgrade to the paid service which is amazing value should you decide to improve your safety all year round 24 /7.



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