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Occupational Health and Safety Act for Employees working alone in Canada

Updated: Mar 15

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The Occupational Health and Safety Act of Canada ensures that workers are protected from harm. The Code of Practise for Individual Work is a critical part of this law. Employers have been made more aware of their responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their lone workers by these rules.

Why these rules are so important? What constitutes illegal conduct on the part of employers? and how the My SOS Family emergency warning system can be used to make the workplace safer for people who work alone in Canada.

Comprehending the Rules Regarding the Use of a Code of Practise When Working Alone in Canada:

Specific standards for the protection of employees who work alone are outlined in the Code of Practise for Working Alone Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

This law covers a wide range of professions and occupations where workers may have limited access to direct supervision. The rules are meant to safeguard individuals from the special dangers that come with working alone. It stresses the significance of proactive steps taken by companies to ensure the safety of their employees in such situations.

Employer Obligations Under the Law:

In Canada, companies are required by law to ensure the health and safety of its lone workers. These responsibilities arise for a number of reasons:

Employers owe their workers a "duty of care," the legal obligation to protect workers' lives and well-being in the workplace. When an employee is working alone, the dangers they face are magnified because there is no one else around to help them if something goes wrong.

To detect potential dangers and risks unique to individuals working alone, employers are obligated to conduct risk assessments. In order to protect their workers from harm, they need to put in place effective preventative measures.

Employers of people who must work alone should have thorough emergency response strategies in place. This includes giving people the information, tools, and training they need to respond appropriately to situations. Employee safety can be greatly improved by swift action in the event of an emergency.

To keep in touch with staff who are working independently, companies should set up reliable communication methods and strict monitoring procedures.

Automated monitoring systems, two-way communication tools, and routine checks can keep workers safe and allow for rapid response in the event of an emergency.

The function of the My SOS Family Emergency Alert System:

Employers have legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of their employees who must work alone, and the My SOS Family emergency alert system can make a substantial contribution to fulfilling those responsibilities. Multiple components of this approach contribute to the security of individuals working alone:

My SOS Family is a system that allows workers to quickly and easily transmit crisis warnings to predetermined contacts or emergency agencies. In the event of an emergency, staff members will be able to receive rapid assistance thanks to this instant notification system.

Because an employee's exact position is shared in times of crisis, due to the GPS feature and location pinpointing, companies or designated contacts can better ensure they can help find them and help them to safety quicker.

The system has a check-in feature where employees may certify their well-being at regular intervals, and a man-down feature (SOS Timer) for when someone is seriously injured. The system will notify the appropriate people if an employee is supposed to check in and they don't do so within the allotted period.

Employers have the option of tailoring safety measures for their staff who work alone in Canada with the help of My SOS Family. This adaptability means that the system will meet the needs of both the employer and employee without a high cost to the employer and without the employee needing to change their work practices.

The OHSA and the OHS require employers to provide safety and supervision to their lone workers. The My SOS Family Emergency Alert System can help employers to achieve their legal obligations and to keep their lone workers safe.



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