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Updated: Jan 10

Teacher with a tie sitting on a desk in a classroom with a blackboard behind him

Employee Safety and Security Improvement

There is a new way to keep your employees safe, with an instant alert message sharing system, safety countdown timer, panic button, and SOS rescue system simultaneously with the My SOS Family app.

The evolution of society must combine the advance in technology with the advance in people’s safety.

If you run a business where you feel you need a new way of organizing timekeeping for each customer, or that your employees need an additional security system to feel safe while working, now there is a solution.

The innovative My SOS Family app allows you to send alert messages to your emergency contacts.

You can even do this at the same time you call 911/999/112/000.

When you press the panic button, all your contacts will receive the alert message on their cell phones.

It can and should be used if there is an immediate need of an emergency SOS but also in everyday situations as a form of prevention and time organization.

See an example of someone who has is glad they are using the My SOS Family app:

School teachers emergency alert system

From a teacher in a school with more than 30 teachers;

Due to bureaucratic issues and lack of staff, several times a week teachers are forced to leave the classroom and leave only 3 administrators in charge of several classrooms.

Although the teachers’ absence was temporary, it caused a major disruption in the normal functioning of the school.

The students did not respect the advice and rules because they felt that nobody was controlling them.

This situation has been going on for 3 years now.

At the beginning of the year, we tried the My SOS Family Alert system. The app was installed by all teachers, staff, and the student delegate of each class.

Every time there was a disturbance in one of the classes, the person in charge who identified the disturbance would trigger the alert system.

All contacts received the alert message, and the person who was available and closest signaled that he or she would respond to the call.

This allowed for perfect organization among the staff, done in real-time and extremely effective.

On the other hand, this aroused two different reactions among the students and in the school environment;

1. The sense of responsibility increased, as everyone understood that all it took was one tap on the app for everyone in charge to be informed of what was happening anywhere in the school.

2. The sense of security among the students increased enormously.

On the one hand, the SOS Emergency system allows help to arrive much faster and the necessary people to be informed instantly.

On the other hand, the feeling of safety has also increased because in a community where unfortunately situations of physical violence between students arise regularly, the SOS panic button system allows everyone to call for help immediately and any student, teacher, or guardian can activate the panic button in just 2 seconds.

In fact, many parents have voluntarily asked their teenagers to join the My SOS Family system and install the application.

We are very pleased with the app, it has allowed for more effective organization and management of time and resources and at the same time the emergency alert system has brought more safety to our school.”

Rose, Texas

For all those who want a safer life, the next step is the My SOS Family app. You don’t know you need it until after you use it.

Because safety comes first.

My SOS Family with instant alert message sharing system, countdown timer, panic button, and SOS rescue system simultaneously.



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