QVC Vouchers for My SOS Family Skill with Amazon Echo using Alexa voice commands


Use your voice to trigger SOS alerts. My SOS Family app responds by sending automated messages to your contacts. 

Your list of SOS contacts do not need a mobile app or the Amazon Echo. Depending on your setup alerts are sent to your contacts by SMS, phone call or email.

Use the the voucher to use and test how My SOS Family works. There are a number of ways to get started:

1. Amazon Alexa app

Download the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone or link Alexa via Amazon Alexa website. Search "My SOS Family" under Skills, select "Link Account" and then "Sign-Up for Free".

2. My SOS Family app

Use Alexa at home and the App when away from home. The app uses the same credit applied to Alexa since they both use the same account. The app also allows you to conveniently manage contacts.

If you have already setup Alexa, download the app and verify your number. Always test to ensure it works.

App store Google play

3. My SOS Family website

Register at and then link Alexa or mobile app when ready


Voucher users

Click "Upgrade" button in the account dashboard then click the “Voucher” button and finally type in your voucher code to add $10 to your account.

Why is the Voucher $10?

$10 is the minimum initial payment to add credit to your account which we are offering to QVC customers.

Each time your SOS contact is alerted with a phone-call or SMS your balance is reduced and any unused credit will roll-over to the next month and continue to roll-over each month and expire in 12 months.

Is $10 suffcient?

How many real emergency situations do we have? Very few and therefore the $10 should last you all year, because any unused credit rolls-over each month for 12 months. 

What happens if my credit reaches zero?

When the balance gets below $2 we email you with a link top-up to purchase credit. If you decide not to buy credit your account will remain active and alerts will send via email only, assuming email addresses of contacts have been provided.

How to trigger a help alert using Alexa?

Simply say "Alexa, open my sos family and send for help". Alexa then notifies My SOS Family of the request and sends alerts to your designated contacts.

We understand the My SOS Family may not be used frequestly like Amazon Music so we have created a printable card which can be placed anywhere in your home.

Download PDF card

If you have any queries, email us at


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