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Pre-pay Customers. Unless you have signed a T&C Contract for a Service, you will be a pre-pay Customer. Fees and Taxes and all other amounts payable to us from your will be through prepayments made by you on your My SOS Family Account.
The Fees shall be calculated in accordance with the rates and pricing on the website on our pricing page for your country.

Payments will either be as a PAYG (Pay As You Go) customer or a Pay monthly Customer.

PAYG is where you purchase bulk Alert credits, If unused these will last for one year, any unused credits will rollover to the following calendar month and expire after 12 months on the anniversary of your payment, e.g. 10 credit purchased on 5th March 2018 will expire 5th March 2019.     

Pay Monthly is where you set-up a monthly subscription and make a payment each month, you will be able to send a fair and reasonable amount of Alerts per month, if we deem your usage to be unfair and unreasonable, we will contact you in advance and may require you to either reduce your usage to a fair and reasonable level or increase the monthly subscription amount you pay, as a final resort we may terminate your services and cancel/refuse any further payments made by you.
You also have the right to cancel your services at any time.

Price Increases
We reserve the right to change prices annually in relation to increase in our costs, we will try our best to keep price increases within the rate of Retail Price Index (RPI) and we will communicate with you in advance of any proposed price changes.  

For first time customers, if you contact us within 30 days of making a payment, if you provide proof of payment we will refund any unused credit balance which we will calculate. On request we will send you any calculations.

After 30 days and for customers who have previously purchased credit, you shall not be entitled to a refund of any unused Credit Balance, it is however within our gift and at our sole discretion to waive this term and refund any unused Credit balance after deducting any costs we have incurred.
You will lose the right to any Credit Balance and such Credit Balance shall be permanently assigned to us without further notice (and without prejudice to our other rights and remedies), where; (i) we suspend the Services more than once due to your breach of the terms; or (ii) such Unused Credit Balance remaining at the end of the time period e.g. 12 months.