SOS Angel Pendant Alarm

Wear your personal alarm


The SOS Angel is a matchbox sized mobile pendant alarm with GPS location tracking to keep your family and lived ones safe. With just one touch, the user can alert their SOS family network, meaning greater independence for the user and peace of mind for all.

Who is it for?

The SOS Angel is for anybody that wants more freedom and independence, and for family members that want peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. If you worry that a family member has limited mobility, or may be vulnerable for any reason, the SOS Angel will work for you. Many professionals who work alone or in potentially dangerous environments also use the SOS Angel to keep them safe at work.

How does it work?

Setting up your SOS device and SOS family network is easy. You can register your device online or over the phone. After you have registered you can add your close contacts as SOS Family Members.

Once you have added your network, test your SOS family network with just one press of the SOS button.

Why is there a monthly cost?

The SOS Angel is a "go anywhere” device and therefore uses a sim card in order to send alerts and for GPS location tracking. Your monthly cost covers the cost of maintaining and running your OneTouch Alert System and also the network costs of sending this data across to multiple users. After the first year you may also qualify for a special discount available to “low usage users”.

How many SOS family members can I add?

So long as you stay within our fair usage policy there is no limit, but you don't need to worry. Most users will never meet this limit and in the rare circumstance that you might, we will warn you well in advance and discuss options for either managing your network more efficiently or in very rare cases upgrading your service to allow more data usage.

What guarantees do you offer?

The SOS Angel is a robust device but you can also insure against accidental damage for an additional £18/year.

We also offer a 2-year warranty on all devices as standard.

How are we able to keep the cost so low for you?

Depending on your age, you may remember when telephone call charges were very expensive. This was a result of manual switchboard operators in telephone exchanges connecting calls. Then the development of computerised telephone exchange systems arrived, operators became redundant and direct dialling was possible through automation reducing costs of calling year by year.

Well that’s what we have done! We use a secure cloud based (ISO certified) hosting and international communication systems to deal with alerts and calls, completely automated without the need for a call centre operator.

Instead of paying 8,760 hours a year for call centre operators time, you only pay for our automated operating costs providing significant savings.

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