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I’m using a personal alert system called “My SOS Family” and added you as one of my Emergency SOS contacts. My SOS Family sent you an SMS /email linking to this page my name’s included in that message.

Thank you in advance for being there for me when I need help. You do NOT need to download any App, Alerts are sent by Text & Phone Calls.

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Spend less time worrying about those you care about because they can now easily alert you and their SOS family if they need help. My SOS Family alert system can be triggered from any of these devices:

Smart-Speaker App – Amazon Alexa or Google Home (using their voice) Watch how Alexa works

Amazon fire stick App -Voice remote control (using a button or their voice)

Smart-phone App. – iPhone/Android phone (using a button or their voice)

Tablet App. – iPad/Android Tablet. (using a button or their voice)

Basic cell phone – Using Speed-dial (dialing a special number)

Landline phone (cordless or corded) – using Speed-dial (dialing a special number) Watch how speed-dial works

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This Video shows how alerts are sent and how you can take responsibility


No need to remember any codes, everything you need to know is sent in the alerts, we’ve made it easy for everyone.

As a trusted SOS Contact, you and other emergency contacts will be alerted when an SOS alert is triggered from any of the users devices (listed above)
The “My SOS Family” control center will alert you via SMS, e-mail, or phone call.
You will find instructions on what to do in that message.

Most important; please reply to to the alert message to take responsibility, so that others who have received the same alert can be told to stand down and know who is actively sorting things out.



Designed to be simple yet effective, like a megaphone. Triggered with the least amount of effort; User Presses a Button, or Say’s a Phrase, You Do the Rest! We’ve added extra features that advanced users can find and unlock.

What if you’ve taken responsibility and then can’t get to help?We send the person that takes responsibility another SMS giving them @resend code.
If for any reason you get stuck and can’t help, then reply to the that SMS with the code sent to you, and everyone else will be told;

“*XYZ could not help, please reply to this SMS with this  @OK code to take responsibility” –

This restarts the alert system again, asking SOS contacts (including you) to take responsibility.

What happens when your supporting many users?

You may be an emergency SOS Contact for different people using My SOS Family, each person has unique code (up to 5 digits), use this code when replying so My SOS Family control center knows which person you’re are taking responsibility for.

More info about SMS alerts;
When you get an SMS Alert, it will include a link to either a recorded message, a google map link the users last location, the users phone number so you can call them, and the users name.

More info about phone call alerts;
You will receive an automated phone call from the My SOS Family control center who will say,
“This is an Emergency Alert. has pressed the SOS and says ‘Help me.’ To take responsibility, please press 1.” (watch video above)

To take responsibility, you just press 1 on your phone keypad.

More info about e-mail alerts;
You will be sent an “e-mail alert” (from, this e-mail may also contain a link to a recorded voice message of the user, a Google Maps link of the users last location if using a smartphone.

You can take responsibility by clicking on the “Take Responsibility” link.
Remember not to spam any email from MY SOS FAMILY!

Add to your safe-list and take any emails already received out of “promotions” or “spam” folder and move them to your main inbox folder.

Smart phone special tracking features
Contact us at to find out more on how to enable these special advanced features and how they work.

Is there a quick & easy way to update other SOS Contacts ?
Only the person who takes responsibility is sent an SMS with a code info@code.
If you reply info@ followed by a message, we will group SMS everyone who has been alerted previously with the message, for example reply "info@j572 Mom's OK, I'm with her now."

Everyone will receive a message saying says Mom’s OK, I’m with her now.
We leave it to you to use any or non of the available support features built into the easy to use App, we want to keep it simple.

Message from the My SOS Family team:


Providing a fast reliable service to alert the users SOS Family is our number one priority, our active alerts get noticed.


“We’re dedicated to helping create ‘support communities’ around those you care about.”

We do this by designing simple to use Apps that will quickly ask their trusted circle (SOS Family) of friends, family and colleagues to help.

We’ve done all the hard thinking and planning to make it easy for you, so we fit into your way of life for you to enjoy it.

You may know someone who may benefit from using this service, we would be greatly honoured if you shared your experience and recommended My SOS Family.
I’m sure they’d appreciate you providing them and their family with a way to have extra safety and peace of mind.

Thank you again for being a trusted emergency SOS Contact

Any questions email us

App Link here 

We have your needs covered!

Start Your FREE 14-DAY Trial Today!

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