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You're Special🤩,
Thank you 🙏🏼.

I’m using a personal alert and mobile -response system called “My SOS Family”® and I've added you as one of my SOS contacts.

Thank you in advance for being there for me when I need help.

You don't need an App, Alerts are sent by Text & Phone Calls and emails.

This page (and the website) explains how it works.

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MY SOS FAMILY® is designed to be  effective, easy to understand when under pressure, whether 5 years old or 105 . I Simply press a big red button, or Say a phrase,

My SOS Family® alert system can be triggered from any of these devices:

Smart-phone App. – iPhone/Android phone using a button, short-cut  or voice

Amazon Alexa Speaker –using voice Watch how Alexa works

Tablet App. – iPad/Android Tablet. Using a big re button or voice.

Basic cell phone – Using Speed-dial by dialing a special speed-dial number.

Landline phone cordless or corded – using Speed-dial by dialing a special speed-dial number.
 Watch how speed-dial works



Everything you need to know is sent in the alerts like my name, my phone number, my location, any message I've added, a photo, a video or an audio recording of my voice.

You are one of my trusted circle of SOS Contact, you and other SOS contacts will be alerted when I need help.

The “My SOS Family” automated control center will alert you via SMS, phone call, and/or e-mail.



1). Add the numbers to your contacts

You will get an SMS and/or Phone Call,  SMS's start with the word : My SOS Family Alert or SOS:  Please add these two numbers (the number that calls you and the number that SMS's you) into your safe contacts list, perhaps use my name and the word "SOS" so when you see them you'll know its urgent, if you enable "Do Not Disturb" on your phone at night, add these numbers as safe contacts that can bypass the "Do not Disturb" function. 

2a). ALERTS by SMS ;

The SMS you'll receive will have a link that takes you to  page with a Google map showing my location; either the static position of my last location or a map with my live location, you can send that to anyone else should they need to co-ordinate support.

The page also has any custom  message I may have added or photo or video if I've added them.

The link-page allows you to be "assigned the SOS", you simply hit the button to confirm you will help.

There is a text box for you to add any message, this will be sent to me, so I know what's happening.

If you are assigned the SOS, you will get another SMS telling you this, or if someone else was faster responding, you will get an SMS telling you the name of the person who is 'assigned the SOS'.


The Phone call you receive will be automated and ask you to "press the 1 digit if you can help".

My SOS Family, checks to see if anyone else has responded earlier , if they have, the message will tell you the SOS has been assigned and there is nothing for you to do,

If your the first, the message will tell you that you have been 'assigned the SOS'.

You will also get the SMS confirmation as mentioned in 1a) above.


Like the SMS Alert, you will be sent an “e-mail alert” from , please check your spam folder and add the info@mysosfamily,com email address as a safe email address.


Only for those that have been 'assigned the SOS';

The SMS you receive telling you that you have been 'assigned the SOS' includes the phrase " if you're unable to help, text back code or tap a link. 

My SOS Family know that life can be unpredictable, and even though you had the intention of helping, If for any reason you are unable to to help for example stuck in traffic,  simply replying to the SMS with the code or clicking on the resend SOS link from that SMS and pressing a button with a reason will start the whole alerting process over again. 

This allows one of the other emergency SOS contacts to step in and be 'assigned the SOS' .


You may be an emergency SOS Contact for different people using My SOS Family, even if they all triggered SOS Alerts simultaneously, because each person is assigned a unique code (up to 5 digits), you simply reply to the SMS with the code for the person your helping, or click on the link with their name, you can also become the "assigned SOS contact" for more than one person alerting, they may be in the same building or close to each other. 


My SOS Family® is dedicated to helping create ‘support communities’ for those that matter most.

We do this by designing simple to use Apps that will quickly ask their trusted circle (SOS Family) of friends, family and colleagues to help.

We’ve done all the hard thinking and planning to make it easy for you, so we fit into your way of life.

You may know someone who may benefit from using this service, we would be greatly honoured if you shared your experience and recommended My SOS Family.

I’m sure they’d appreciate you providing them and their family with a way to have extra safety and peace of mind.

Have a look at he website and if you have any questions, please email us App Link here 

Thank you again for supporting me 🤩.

Message from My SOS Family;
Please leave us a app review so we can grow and help build more support communities.

We have your needs covered!

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