"Commuting feels so much safer"


Lucy from Bath

I commute on the bus daily and I love sitting upstairs to get a great view but always feel vulnerable especially when it’s quiet and late night stop changes.

This app is perfect for me as I don’t go anywhere without my phone. My journeys feel much safer knowing I can send for help any time.

I used the app once late at night when I few guys were whistling at me from across the street and then approached. I pressed my power button twice discretely in my bag. My family and friends did initially panic, everyone calling at once. Thankfully nothing happened but it did give me confidence it all worked when I needed it.

My friends found it amazing and they felt a sigh of relief when they received the cancel message. They were impressed that the location was given too. Well, I was busy that day chatting to friends and family in my SOS circle.

It’s wonderful how everyone gets to know at the same time. It really has given me confidence and a sense of feeling safe.

"Ageing, independent mum"



My mother is headstrong and very active for her age which worries me more when I’m at work.

I did a lot of research and tried to persuade mum to wear a pendant. I then came across My SOS family so I decided to try the app. Mum doesn’t like spending unnecessarily however since mum already had an iPhone and Alexa, persuading to trial it free was easier than I had imagined … win, win.

We don’t have family nearby so we added the neighbour, 2 close friends and myself of course. We sat round the table and tested Alexa, and the app. We were amazed when we received alerts almost at the same time.

Mum leaves her phone downstairs at night which worried me so I purchased another echo dot in the sales which she keeps upstairs. I loved the fact I didn’t need to setup My SOS Family again. All in all it was good value considering how expensive pendent subscriptions can be.

We’ve had the system for 2 months and mum hasn’t used the app for help yet nevertheless I’m so glad and worry far less.

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