SOS Angel wearer

I'm Joyce and I'm in my 92nd year and not doing too badly. A few years ago I had a mini stroke following which I had a pendant alarm installed in my flat in case I need help - which is OK if I need help while I'm indoors - but I do like to get out! When I heard about My SOS Family it sounded like a wonderful device but I was worried it may be complicated. Well I needn't have worried having being given a demonstration. It's easy to understand, easy to use and puts me in touch with people who I know rather than someone anonymous in a call centre. The really clever thing is that there are three levels of contact - for a 999 emergency, if I need some help, or I just need to talk. I can go out with confidence knowing that I can contact the right person so easily - and they can speak to me and find where I am. Absolutely amazing for such a small device. This has so obviously been designed with such thought for the person using it and those who are closest.

Joyce lives in Kent and carry’s an SOS Angel

SOS Family Member

My Mum is amazing for her age and I let her do as much as she can for herself rather than fuss (she hates that!!) But there are times when she has needed help and she's not very good when it comes to remembering 11 digit mobile phone numbers (who is) rather than 6 for a land-line that hardly anyone uses anymore. She has had a mobile phone for 9 years but to my knowledge never used it because it's just to fiddly for arthritic fingers. The My SOS Family pod is so clever - so much thought has gone into it because it is just a case of selecting one button to give a sensible range of options. The killer feature for me is 'I need to talk' button which is one that can be used often, and turns it from an 'only in emergency' device to a comfort device. I love it!!

Peter from Medway who's mum has an SOS Angel

SOS Angel wearer

Life before The SOS Angel was awkward, if not difficult. I had taken a fall a couple of times just from being unsteady on my feet, and became worried that I had a tendency to fall. With this, I was slowly losing the confidence to go out on my own, in case I fell and there was no one to help me. Also, my children became concerned for my welfare and I could feel that they felt guilty for not being able to do more, just due to the daily running of their lives and the distances they were from me.

With this though, it gave them the peace of mind they needed. They now know that if I do take a fall unexpectedly, not only will they know about it immediately, due to the device, but they also know that someone will come to my aid in no time whatsoever.

The device has given me back my freedom.

Maureen 75 years young from Birmingham

SOS Family member

I am so grateful for The SOS Angel coming into our lives! Before I used to be so worried about her safety, since she had started to take a tumble here and there. My main concern was that she would either fall at home not able to get to the phone and call for help, or that she would fall outside, and there wouldn’t be anyone there to help her.

Now with this device, it gives myself and my siblings, the peace of mind,that we are only the touch of a button away from knowing where and how she is, as well as who is taking care of her during these moments.

Lisa from Solihull

SOS Angel wearer

Before I started carrying The SOS Angel, I was always worried when I wanted to walk to the doctors or go to the shops concerned if I fell and who would help me, not any more.

Now I can go out much more with confidence rather than watch the world from my window and it’s so easy to get my daughter to call me when I want her most, I’d recommend everyone like me has one.

Marie from Greater London aged 84

SOS Family member

My mum’s SOS Family network includes my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and friends as well as me and my husband, I was able to go full-time as an admin assistant at work knowing we have an extensive emergency support network and plan in action.

We also share the costs per month which is peanuts and I’m earning £10,000 more per year and can afford to take mum on a family holiday and help pay for mum’s other care and needs.

I know mum can call for help with a button and someone she knows will handle it and call her rather than a call centre, and we can find her quickly and easily if she’s not at home.

Mum’s also started to get a little stronger and happier as she is now going out for walks when she wants and where she wants.