How many ways on the App can I discreetly trigger an alert for help

1) Press the “help me” button.
Just open the App and it will open with the screen below.

When there is no Data/Wi-Fi connection the alert
is triggered by SMS, this means you can travel abroad
and turn off your data/roaming.


2) Press the Widget button.

For Iphones and iPads :
Swipe from left to right to access the widget button without opening your App.

For Androids phones and Tablets:
The widget button can be added to the home screen which when pressed will send for help. 

Add or remove Widgets on iOS / iphone & iPads.
You can add and remove Widgets and even reorder them so your favourite ones are at the top.

Swipe right over the Home screen, Lock screen, or Notification Centre.

Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.

To add a Widget, tap. To remove a Widget, tap . To reorder your Widgets, touch and hold next to the apps and drag them in the order you want.

To finish, tap Done.

Add or remove Widgets to Lock Screen on Android phones and tablets

  • Turn off the display of your smartphone or tablet
  • Switch it on again to view the lock screen
  • Once you're there, swipe left or right.
  • When the '+' option appears, tap on it
  • A list of widgets will be displayed you can choose My SOS Family


3) Double tap the My SOS Family icon in your apple Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch, My SOS Family works on the watch.


4) Use a pair of wired earphones by pressing any of the buttons.

Plug your earphones in first as plugging them in later will
trigger the alert.
In the “settings” screen of your App, switch on
“remote trigger” (so earphones buttons work), and,

“Disable auto screen-lock” (so screen remains open)
The screen must not lock & your app has to be active and open
showing  the “Help” button for the earphone  button to work.

This benefit helps users who are a little concerned about entering a situation where they
either don’t want to take their phone out of their bag/pocket or they want to discreetly send an alert by keep the earphones button in their hand and just press it when they need help.


5) Use one of the buttons on a Bluetooth connected earphones
exactly like 4) “above” except no-wires.

Like in 4) your app has to remain open in the foreground (use the settings disable lock screen)

6)  Use a Bluetooth or connected selfie stick
exactly like 5) above.

Like in 4) the app has to be open in the
foreground (in your apps settings screen,
turn on disable lock screen) as in 4).


7) Use your voice and Siri or OK Google to open your app and then say your pre-set “safe word”.

Change the safe word in your App settings
screen “enable voice recognition” and change your “trigger phrase”


8) Use your voice and tell "Siri" or "Ok Google" to call a special number we give you.


With your My SOS Family app “account” page we give you a special number (within dashboard), add that number into your contacts list with a memorable name, like My SOS Family.

Your voice message will be recorded and sent out with your “help me” alert.


9) Use the countdown timer.

When the timer gets to zero before you stop it, the alert is triggered.

Although Apple terminates apps in the background
we have built your App so the timer continues counting
down in your “My SOS Family” cloud account so even if
the phone is turned off the alert will still be sent.

This feature helps if you’re worried about an area where
there is a poor or no phone signal like the basement of
apartments, or rural area, alternatively its helps you if you
are worried about a certain activity for a short length of
time like having a bath or climbing a ladder.


10) Use Favourites to call your special number with a single Tap


iOS / iPhone Add favorites. With Favorites, you can make a call with a single tap.
 To add My SOS Family to your Favorites list, tap  

You can also add names to Favorites from Contacts. In Contacts, tap
“Add to Favorites” at the bottom of a card, then tap My SOS Family (if you have already have added in your phones contacts) to add it to favourites.

Android phone Add favorites.

- Tap on the Phone icon on your Android Phone to open the Phone App.
- On the next screen, make sure you're on the Contacts tab.
  On the contacts tab, you will be able to sell all your Contacts listed in alphabetical order.
- From the list of Contacts, tap the My SOS Family contact (you will get it when you register).
- At the top (contacts card) , tap the star icon and the contact will be added to your favourites.


11) Use a low emission Bluetooth button, press the button to trigger the alert.

With (BLE) Bluetooth low emission buttons, once
you pair the device in your apps settings, you can
lock your phone and trigger the alert from 10m-20m
away, remember to leave your App running in the

These buttons cost around $10 from Ebay or Amazon.
My SOS Family also can sell you one for the same price.

12) Use the Apple Watch to call the special number we give you.

You will have to add the special number we give in in the dashboard into your phones contact list and either call it with touch or voice with Siri.

12.5) Use the Power button (ANDROID PHONES ONLY)

The My SOS Family App can be set to trigger an alert if the power button is pressed as if you want the phone to shut down.
This is feature is really helpful as you can discreetly call for help whilst the phone remains in your bag or pocket.
This also means you don’t have to remember your passcode and it bypasses that process.

Finally should your phone be stolen and someone was to power down the phone, it will send an alert with the location.


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