What are the benefits of having My SOS Family service

Some of the benefits of having the My SOS Family service

1. Connects you to your loved ones.
We live in a world that means we have to commute longer, work longer in life and are busy, and although phones are great for connecting people, when there is a situation when we need to contact anyone and phoning one person at time isn't going to help reduce the stress and panic, in those situations its great to have a pre-defined action plan in place and My SOS Family does that and connects you to the people who will help you the most.

2. Gives the user confidence to go out
Means they can remain active and healthier rather than live a sedentary lifestyle which is bad for anyone’s health, the confidence of having something that will alert their contacts to help them should help build their confidence.

3. Gives the user confidence that people care
What best present can you give someone but your time and help, buy giving my SOS family to a vulnerable loved one as the giving isn't in the App its in the being part of their network and knowing they have people who care, that should make them proud to have an SOS Family.

4. Helps family members track users
Family members can easily track the whereabouts of the their vulnerable users either by having access to the users account or using SMS to locate them which gives them peace of mind.

5. Gives family members updates when they enter or leave their home
Users can use the check-in facility to provide reassurance to family members/carers when their loved ones check-in to say they are safely at home.

6. Saves the users money 
Compared to a call centre based system the user gets the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

6. Allows users to extend their independent living.
By having an active lifestyle users will delay the need to move into a care home or use less home care services.

7. Helps employers with lone worker employees (and employees)
Employers have a duty of care to their staff who work alone from cleaners to nurses who home visit  to staff staying at hotels when they are travelling for work ,  for these employers having two employees work together or having expensive tracking devices linked to call centers is neither practical and easy to manage centrally or affordable, My SOS Family gives them an alternative that allows employees to use their co-workers or their managers to be the contacts, the contacts can be configured to receive check-in updates or alerts based on their work/life patterns and can help them when they need it.

7. Helps Parents who's children travel alone to school or activities
Parents can locate their children, or they can be informed quickly when their child needs help which gives everyone peace of mind.