What do my SOS contacts do when they get my SOS alert?

Your Trusted network of SOS Contacts set-up within the MY SOS FAMILY system are key as they will respond and support you when you trigger an alert.   

What does it mean to be my trusted Emergency SOS Contact?

As my trusted SOS Contact, you and others in my emergency contact network will be alerted if and when I trigger an alert via my smartphone App; Alexa Echo; smart voice assistant; Google Home; smart speaker; basic mobile phone; home Landline; ipad or tablet.

My Automated Personal Alert Assistant "My SOS Family" will be alerting you via SMS/email/phone call.

My details, name and phone number, and instructions on what to do will be in the SMS/email or phone call so you don’t need to remember anything below, but it helps to know what to expect.

The most important thing I ask of you, if you can, please take responsibility.  When you do this other Emergency SOS contacts in my trusted network who have also received an “SOS Alert” will be told that you have taken responsibility and they can stand down and come off full alert.

If you are one of those awesome people who is an Emergency SOS Contact for a number of different people, each person like me will be assigned a unique 2 to 5 digit code.  This code is key to reference when replying to alerts so My SOS Family knows which person you are taking responsibility for.

Alerts sent to you by Email: 

If your email has been added, you will be sent an “email Alert” (from Info@mysosfamily.com) If I have recorded a message, your email will also contain a link to the recorded message” or it may contain “a google map link of my latest location” if I've triggered the alert via a smartphone.

You can take responsibility by clicking on the “Take Responsibility” link.  All other Emergency SOS Contacts who have also received a message will be informed that you have taken responsibility.

Remember not to SPAM any email, add info@mysosfamily.com to your safelist and also take any emails already received out of "promotions" folder and move them to your main inbox email folder.


An Alert by phone:

If your number has been added to be alerted by a call, you will receive a phone call from My SOS Family auto attendant and she will say:

“This is an Emergency Alert” <My Name> has pressed the SOS and says help me, to take responsibility please press 1”

To take responsibility you press 1 on your phone key pad.  Again all other Emergency SOS Contacts will be notified you have taken responsibility.

My SOS Family personal assistant can do some great things like calling phone extensions and getting through phone menu choices, so she can reach nearly anyone.

I can also tailor when and how you receive a phone call alert, e.g. your home landline at night, your work number during the day and your mobile for SMS 24/7.

So, next time we are together we can edit and explore those advanced features when editing Emergency SOS contacts settings.


Alerts sent to you by SMS/Text Message:

When you receive an SMS Alert it will include a link to either my recorded message or a google map link of my last location.  My phone number and name will be included.

Remember to first take responsibility so other Emergency SOS contacts can be informed of this, then call me, otherwise the emergency attendant will continue to contact everyone on my list.



Android Smart-phone special features – tracking

If I've got an Android phone you can track me if I send an Alert, only up to 24 hours after the alert.  But any other time due to privacy you cannot track me, unless I change a setting on your details in advanced settings to “find me anytime”.  Remember the default setting is “switched off” for privacy so you will have to contact me if you want this facility. 

To get my location you must reply to the number you have been SMS’d with Find@xxxx,
the “xxxx” being a unique code associated with me. 
The current live location of the android phone will be sent to you.


Tracking for an ios (Apple) device. 

Apple is a little restrictive, So I have to, within my App settings, firstly enable “background updates” so my location is updated into my "My SOS Family Cloud account", 
This means any find@XXX you request will get only the “last location” that was updated in my cloud account.  I can improve the frequency and accuracy, but it does drain my battery (if i'm travelling), say 25% in 8 hours with the highest accuracy which will update every time a move 10 meters, on the lowest accuracy it will update less and be longer intervals.

If you understand the above, that’s it great.

If not and you have any more questions, send an email to the team at info@mysosfamily.com who can tell you more.

Thanks again ( I hope I never have to use it apart from testing).

In less than 5 minutes you and your family can feel protected

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For Amazon Echo range the My SOS Family Skill can be found here:

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