What happens when I trigger the Help Me! Alert?

This is what happens when you trigger your Help Me! Alert.


My SOS Family secure systems manage the whole alert process and sends & receives SMS's, sends emails and makes alert telephone calls, back and forth to all your "unlimited" SOS Family network, keeping them all updated and notified, your SOS Contact’s don’t need a smartphone, contacts can have a basic mobile phone or a landline and works with automated switchboards that require extension numbers to get through;

For example, when we alert say a family member via a phone call alert, we may call a number that has a menu requiring an extension number being entered, or one of the menu numbers being selected for the call to be put through; you can add all these in advanced settings.
This feature is helpful as some employers don’t allow mobile phones to be used in the office or worst the mobile phone signal may be poor in the office.

The more ways a SOS Contact can be contacted, the more likely the alert will get through.