What is My SOS Family Alexa Skill for Amazon Alexa: Echo, Echo Show and Echo Dot?

What is My SOS Family Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo
My SOS Family is a paid for Skill for the Amazon Alexa Echo range which includes the Echo DOT.

Who is My SOS Family Skill designed for?
It’s designed for the whole family, in particular, vulnerable family members like Seniors / the elderly, disabled or children.


What does the My SOS Family Skill do?
Using your voice you tell your Amazon Alexa App “Alexa Ask My SOS Family to send for Help”
Then it will send alerts by SMS, email and phone calls to your pre-set emergency contact list.
So it contacts your family and friends when there is an emergency.

Why would you need My SOS Family Amazon Alexa Skill?
If you are incapacitated for example have fallen-down or are stressed/panicking and need help quick, then it’s a simple way of group contacting your trusted network of emergency contacts quickly.

Why can you not just use the Alexa app calling and messaging system which is free?
You could use the messaging system, and if all your emergency contacts have the Amazon Alexa App installed on their smartphone, great we recommend that you use that, and tell Alexa to call each person or send a message to each person which you can do separately, but what if they don’t have a smartphone or they do they don’t have internet connection, you will be limited to the number of contacts and also the likelihood your emergency alert will get to them, plus you will need to call them one at a time, not really a practical solution when there is an emergency.


Can you Setup Amazon Echo’s Alexa to alert emergency services in an emergency? Amazon Alexa App does not allow you to add emergency services as the phone number, for example, 911/999/112/0000 emergency services require special set-up which is not offered by Amazon, Skype or other VOIP service providers.


10 Special features which make the My SOS Family Alexa Skill different from any other skill

Yes, quite a number of benefits and features that makes My SOS Family the number one choice when it comes to emergency alert systems and voted best personal alert by our users:
  1. There is an SOS Countdown timer facility, which gives you peace of mind if you worry about doing something that may mean you will not be near the Alexa Echo to send for help, then set the My SOS Family SOS countdown timer, and if you are incapacitated to get to the Echo to turn it off, it will send the alerts when it reaches zero, the countdown can be set for up-to 24 hours.

  2. You get the My SOS Family Smartphone App or if you don’t have a Smartphone the “One Touch Alert” system for either your basic mobile phone (or home phone) this means that you can have peace of mind when you are outside at no extra cost, just remember to add the phone number of the phone that you want to be covered when you set-up your My SOS Family account. (see all the features of the Smartphone App)

    Google play App store

  3. The Alerts that are sent out require one of your many emergency contacts you set-up to receive the alerts to “take responsibility”.
    This means they have to easily and quickly respond to the alert, this then informs all the other emergency contacts that received the alert to “stand down” and helps stop your emergency contacts panicking and duplicating tasks as they get a message that says <Name of responder> has taken responsibility.

  4. When we are busy we all easily ignore an SMS or missed a phone call, and it’s not that we look at our emails every few minutes, that’s why we send reminders if no-one takes responsibility, one after 5 minutes, then again after 10 minutes.
    This greatly increases the chances of one of your emergency contacts getting the alert.

You and your family are individuals, we know you don’t fit into a standard box, that’s why we designed the contact system to adapt to you and your emergency contact lists lifestyle. This is the flexibility you have:
(edit contacts then tick – “advanced settings”) :

  1. Send alerts to everyone simultaneously or stagger them one after the other
    Make your main responder (son, daughter, spouse, friend carer) immediate then add the others in after a 1-minute delay and then the next, the others will never be contacted if the earlier person takes responsibility.


    Stagger the alerts;
  2. Reach your responders where they are expected to be by duplicating each emergency contact and setting their contact times, for example
    Trevor is your son, his mobile is left on the default settings to receive the SMS Alert and phone call 24/7, but he has an office work number, you can duplicate Trevor and add his work number to only receive an alert call between 9 am and 5 pm.
    Trevor can be duplicated again, adding his home number to be alerted by a phone call only between 6 pm and 8 am.

  3. Create a backup support group by setting your most trusted emergency contacts (responders) to receive the first alerts instantaneously and then a few minutes later if they don’t respond add a backup group.
    You can Stagger the first 2 or 3 contacts to receive alerts instantaneously and then add all the other responders/emergency contacts on as a simultaneous group after 5 minutes, which gives you peace of mind that should the closest responders not take responsibility then you need to reach further out (even friends and relatives abroad) and they can all receive them their alerts as a group alert altogether.

  4. Get through to responders who have switchboards requiring extension numbers.
    If any of your emergency contacts have added a work-phone that requires them to be contacted via a switchboard with and an extension number has to be entered, we have that covered too.

  5. Responders who live abroad can be part of your SOS Family, you can add anyone in Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, India and Ireland for both phone alerts and SMS’s alerts.

  6. Check-in and give peace of mind to some of your closet responders that you are OK.
    Set some of your emergency contacts as Check-in contacts, then when you open the My SOS Family Alexa Skill, you can check-in which sends an email to those check-in contacts telling them you have checked-in, you just need to agree what check-in means between you, for example, Trevor knows when he gets a check-in email it means Doris has arrived home from shopping.

    Open the Alexa Skill, by Saying "Alexa open My SOS Family" when asked to send Alerts, say "No"
    Then say "Check-in"

    Also an available feature on the App.


Which countries is the My SOS Family Skill for Amazon Echo available?
My SOS Family Amazon Alexa skill for elderly and seniors that need to contact their family in an emergency is available in the following countries:
The United States.
United Kingdom

India (which will be live 1st February 2018).

How can I set-up the My SOS Family Skill for Amazon Echo.
You will need to set up and register an account with My SOS Family where you add;

1. Your personal details including a phone number (pick a mobile number).
2. Your emergency contacts names and numbers that you want them to be reached on; SMS, phone call and email.
3. Then Link your account to your device via the Amazon Alexa Skill you use to manage the account.

How do I register and create an My SOS Family Account?

  1. You can create that via the website link here
  2. Download an App and do it via your phone (or Tablet like iPad)

    Android / Google App

    Apple App

  3. Go to your Amazon Alexa App (or Amazon.com) and register via that App (which works like the Website link)


How do I Link My Amazon Alexa Echo with My SOS Family Account?

  1. Go to Skills in the Alexa App & search for My SOS Family and either Login or register an account.
  2. If you have already created an account via the App or website;
    Your Username (email address) and password have been emailed to you when you set-up your account.
  3. Once you log in, you select the number to link the account.

 How much does My SOS Family amazon Alexa Skill cost

  • Pricing page link here
  • PAYG it can be as a little as $10 for a year for low usage customers.
  • You pre-pay your account and as you use the Skill only when SMS or phone calls are made will your balance be deducted, any unused credit gets rolled over to the next month for 12 months.
  • We don’t keep any credit card or Paypal details.
  • You have to pay/top up again when your balance falls below $2 by going through the payment process again (quickly via Android or Website / pay link).