What is the Check-In facility on my App? 

This button is normally hidden in the "Help screen", when you enable it in your Apps settings screen. it shows a Check-In box.

Within your Apps Account screen (or login to your account via the website) when amending/adding SOS contacts there is a tick box next to every emergency contact with "Receive Check-in by email”

Tick the box (and update) and your, the contact will receive a standard email (only) message saying you are Checking-in and gives your current location (google map link).

You can customise your note, this facility is great for those family members and carers who get worried when you out and about for example going the pharmacy, and now by checking-in family members know their loved ones are ok,

E.G. When seniors goes out the pharmacy, then can check-in with a message like "going out" and when they come home they can check-in which informs their loved ones they are safe and ok (and the location is included).