What is the countdown timer facility

Sometimes you enter into a situation where you will be unable to easily or discreetly send an alert for help.

It could be because you are with someone like on a Date, or you are doing something that means your phone isn’t easily accessible, for example having a shower/bath or climbing a ladder, or sometimes it’s simply because the area you are about to enter means you have poor or no phone signal like the basement, tunnel, outdoors somewhere in the countryside or wilderness.

You just work out how long you are safely going to be in this area, for example, 2 hours in the basement and then set the countdown timer for say 2 hours 30 minutes from the timer screen.

When the timer gets to zero before you stop it, the alert is triggered.

Your App synchronises the timer within your cloud account and also uploads the location you are at.

As My SOS Family is continuously counting down, it means even if your phone is turned off, damaged, or you do not have a phone signal the alert will still be sent when the timer hits zero unless you return to cancel/pause it.