These are the 3 main methods used to get an alert to SOS contacts


  • SMS Alert phone number

SOS Contacts will receive a predefined SMS’s which contains the senders name, their phone number a message saying they need help and their location (link to google maps) and asking them to reply with OK@<xxx> (xxx is a unique number).


  • Email Alerts

Like the SMS with a reply code, with email a link to take responsibility will be sent, to take responsibility just press the link, there will also be a link with the google map location of the sender.
 As email is free, every time it’s used the balance on the account is unaffected, however for SMS and phone calls there is a cost and the balance on the account reflects the usage. 



  • Phone Alert call number

SOS Contacts will receive phone call alert that says <name> says help me, to takes responsibility press 1 or 2/hang-up to ignore.
 Phone number allows you to add extension numbers and delay so it will go through any automated switchboard