Why are your prices so much cheaper when compared with other alarm alert systems?

At My SOS Family many of our customers often ask us: 

  • Why are your prices so much cheaper than compared to other alarm alert systems?
  • What makes your personal alarm prices so much cheaper?

The honest answer is this: the price of an Alarm Pendant that is based in the home, or a mobile GPS tracker type of Personal Alarm, is based on the two key factors listed below.

1. There is no need for any extra expensive equipment

You can save a lot of money if you don’t need additional equipment. For example, with My SOS Family you can use your existing phone, whether it’s a cordless home phone, or a corded phone, a mobile phone, which could be basic model, or a smartphone. That is the first biggest saving. Remember that these days a smartphone has the same computing capacity as a large home computer from just a few years ago.

Alarm Pendants or Alert Pendants based in your home
When you purchase a specific telecare/careline/lifeline home pendant alarm from a provider with a monitoring centre, they may put the price of the device and equipment required in their monthly fee. However most providers charge on average £150/$200/€200 (including taxes) for the equipment, so immediately there is a massive upfront saving with My SOS Family.

Your money is saved as you can use a cordless phone or landline phone, a basic model mobile phone or a smartphone. If you don’t have a cordless phone, you can buy a great, small lightweight one with large buttons and compatible with hearing aids for as little as £15/$20/€20 - please see our reviews section. They can be worn around the neck on a lanyard. Or you can use a lightweight basic mobile phone. Whichever you choose, press any of the number buttons, it’s really simple to use (see our how-it-works video to understand this) and takes less than 5 minutes to set up

Some customers then say to us:
“That’s all well and good if I can use my cordless phone or basic mobile phone, but that’s not a fair comparison. I want a specific pendant that I can wear around my neck just like I’ve seen from other companies - a personal alarm pendant with monitoring services and a big red button.”

We explain and inform our customers that this type of equipment costs less than £40/$30/€30.

As you don’t need to spend additional money for an extra SIM card because you’re using your own mobile phone, which already includes a SIM card. This too saves you a significant amount.

2. You don’t need to need to be connected to an expensive monitored call centre service

The second biggest saving is the price of a call centre monitoring service, which is a person sitting in a call centre waiting for you to call. When they receive your call they start ringing your emergency contacts one-by-one until they get in touch with one of them. Then that emergency contact takes responsibility.

We have created a fully-automated, customisable-to-your-lifestyle, emergency contact system, where our contact telecoms technology is superfast and costs less. This is because we don’t use call centre operators who need office accommodation.

Instead My SOS Family uses the latest reliable technology hosted with the same company that manages systems for the Government Sector, like the Defence Industry and Emergency Ambulance service, and operates worldwide.

So now you know why our costs are significantly lower and our systems are as reliable.

Do you remember only a few years ago SIM contracts and making phone calls were very expensive, especially when using your phone abroad (roaming charges)? Now prices are extremely competitive, we even change provider based on price, knowing that reliability is pretty much comparable.

The same is true with utilities like gas/electricity/water providers, paying a higher price for an identical product doesn't make sense.