Why is the My SOS Family App not free?


Unlike other SOS types of app that you may have seen, our App is not free. If you’re looking for a FREE App then we understand that My SOS Family App may not be the right one for you, but 

That said, if you do continue to read this, you will find out why we are not free and why we give you free credit & 14 days to test it; also how we charge and why we believe it’s worth it.

We’re more than your phone
The single biggest difference between a free App and My SOS Family is that we do not rely on your phone, or use your mobile network plan to alert your emergency contacts. Instead we use a secure, dedicated, fully automated emergency contact system that sits outside of your phone.

Our secure system manages the whole emergency alert process. It sends & receives SMS messages, sends emails, makes emergency telephone calls back and forth to all your “unlimited” SOS Family network keeping them all updated. We bear the cost of this in your country entirely.

You pay for security & reliability
We’re also fanatical about security & reliability. We pay for our system to be managed with the same provider that manages systems for the Government sector like the Defence Industry & Emergency Ambulance Service, and operates worldwide.

We are members and adhere to the high standards & rules of conduct of the leading industry body on telephone enabled care systems.

Who should I compare you with?
The real comparison we believe is between our fully automated, customised MY SOS Family emergency contact system and a monitored call centre system.

We are super-fast because we aren’t slowed down by call centre operators, who would also require expensive office accommodation and technology. We are able to pass on these savings to our customers. These savings can amount to hundreds of pounds/euros/dollars each year while helping to provide peace of mind and protection.

Free trial
During your free trial we give every new customer 14 days' credit added to their account. We used to charge for a 2-week plan, but decided to scrap that and instead give that amount to everyone to test the system for themselves. And we don’t ask for credit card or debit card details to start the trial.

We know some customers will only use My SOS Family during the free trial. For example they may be going abroad and want their family members to feel more protected for 14 days. Or they have recently been discharged from hospital after a fall and need that extra protection for a couple of weeks while they regain their confidence and independence.

We are happy to have helped you feel protected and only ask that if you’ve been satisfied with our service that you please share and tell others. If for any reason you’ve not been satisfied then please tell us by email.

What next?
What most people do is start the free trial add themselves as a contact, test it and then decide what to do next.