Why is unlimited contacts important?

As you can see from the examples in this page SOS contacts can be multiple emails, mobile phone numbers to receive SMS messages and either mobile or landline numbers to receive phone calls; for work landlines may require extension numbers due to automated switchboards and for each of these you may want the contact or contact type to be customised allowing you unlimited possibilities.

A great example of why unlimited contacts works are that you can duplicate contacts.

For example, let’s imagine a son called “Trevor”. He doesn’t live with you, he works and has a work mobile, a work landline number, a personal mobile number and a home phone, as well as a work email and personal email.

Three Trevor’s are better than one
Trevor can be added/duplicated 3 times as 3 separate contacts (same name):

1) First Trevor – add his personal mobile, personal email and work email to receive alerts by email, SMS message and phone call 24 hours a day.

2) Second Trevor – add his work mobile number and work landline with extension numbers to be alerted by a phone call and SMS message between 9 am and 6 pm only.

3) Third Trevor – add his home landline number to be called only between 7 pm and 8 am when he is at home, because like a lot of people when Trevor is at home he tends to ignore SMS’s but always answers his phone