What is your cost for each SMS message, voice call and voice recording

We find that during the free trial period, when customers are testing our service and system, they may see that their free balance reduces. They may then become concerned that the cost seems high. We will explain below why the costs are appropriate to the level of service and they are actually lower than comparable monitored call centre services. In reality we find that after customers become familiar and confident with our system, it's usually only ever a couple of real emergencies in a year they use it for.

That’s another reason we give you free credit (not free for us) - so you can get confident with the system at our cost, not yours. So when you do pay for remaining protected after the trial period, it’s all yours to use for when you really need it.

What’s the cost?

We are transparent with our pricing: there are no hidden charges and we list it all on our pricing page. An SMS message, voice recording or voice call costs on average 20 pence/cents for each one. Email is free.

Although it may seem like a high cost when compared with the cost of SMS messages and calls that you would be charged by your mobile phone network provider, but what should be considered is how we have created a secure, dedicated, fully-automated emergency contact system that sits outside of your phone and costs money each time it is used. We don’t hide from the fact that this cost is higher than standard mobile contracts - it’s because we are fanatical about security and reliability that we pay a premium for our systems to be managed by the same provider that manages systems for the Government Sector like the Defence Industry and Ambulance Service, and operates worldwide.

Comparison of My SOS Family

The real comparison, we believe, of the My SOS Family system isn't with a consumer mobile phone service, it's versus a call centre-style emergency monitoring centre, where we are:
- superfast, as we don’t use call centre operators; instead of making one call at a time, we can contact all the emergency contacts simultaneously;
- able to do everything an operator does in communicating with telephone contacts (please refer to answers to customers’ questions My SOS Family Automated Monitoring System versus a Monitored Call Centre Operator - how do they compare?);
- using the latest technology and keep updating and adding features free for everyone;
- running at significantly lower operating costs, which we are able to pass on to our customers saving them hundreds of pounds each year as these monitored centres charge customers up to £150- £300 per year ($200-$600 p.a. or €200-€600 p.a.)
- the only service provider that charges a PAYG service and tells you honestly that £10/$10/€10 p.a. should be enough for the majority of people; we believe our customers should only pay for what they use.

What if I run out of credit?

If you are still concerned that you may run out of credit, don’t worry. We send you an SMS message (at our expense) and email to warn you when your balance falls below £1.00/$1.50/€1.50 so reminding you to top up; and you can top-up for as little as £10/€10/$10, which will last as long as your original length of the service so you don’t need to add more.

If you are one of those rare customers who believes there will be many, many SOS alerts then we have a monthly contract (see our pricing page) where you can have unlimited SOS alerts. This is useful if you are using My SOS Family for other purposes.

Most people just add £30/€30/$30 that way you get peace of mind at 1/2 the price of the monthly unlimted version.

What next?
What most people do is start the free trial add themselves as a contact, test it and then decide what to do next.