Will the App work without data or Wi-Fi?

The simple answer is Yes.

Your App initially uses data to send the alert, but if data is not available or switched off, for example when roaming, the app reverts automatically to sending a single SMS out as a fail-safe back-up.

SMS 1st fail-safe back-up

For Android phones, the SMS will be sent in the background, you don’t have to do anything.

For iPhones, an SMS is pre-populated with details and the sender number is also filled out, but Apple / iOS/ iPhone only allow SMS’s to be sent when the user presses the single “send” button.

Phone call 2nd fail-safe back-up

For both Android and iPhones if in your settings you have turned on “auto-dial” then the App will make a simple call to a number (Toll-Free where possible) and is answered immediately, you are then asked to leave a voice message and your location.

We will record 25 seconds of sound and then send the recording to your SOS contacts, making a phone call doesn’t require data or Wi-Fi, but will require you to have a phone signal to make the call.