We are a UK based International company providing easy to use personal safety alarms for peace of mind.

Personal safety concerns us at various times, whether for oneself or others, so we created an APP to offer some peace of mind.

Is the APP and service only within the UK?

We also support the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

Why did we create My SOS Family?

Many systems linked to careline operators are expensive which lead us to create an affordable SOS app. Once you send a help alert, our smart system contacts your friends or family directly instead of an operator, offering significant savings, choice and flexibility.

Who is the APP for?

The APP is for anyone who is concerned about their safety or even an emergency. Our users include the elderly, women, school children and lone workers however personal safety is a broad issue, so we've added features for use in a variety of situations, at home or when mobile including traveling overseas. 

How are SOS alerts sent?

By pressing the HELP button in the APP, using your voice, setting a timer or asking a smart speaker, i.e. Google Assist or Amazon Alexa. Once an SOS alert is triggered, all SOS contacts in your list are sent a message alerts via (International) SMS's, automated phone's call or email's.