We are a UK based company with social values providing easy to use personal SOS alarms for a little peace of mind.

We needed an alternative to telecare systems so we invented one.

My SOS Family was born from a personal need. In 2014 my mother-in-law showing signs of dementia and work colleagues mother with a tendency to fall worried us immensely and we found ourselves checking up on them for our peace of mind.

The only available products on the market called "Telecare" with GPS trackers, Man-down devices or homebound panic buttons (SOS pendants) that linked to carelines or carelinks. This was too costly so started building an APP.

About reinvented

Nobody wants to talk with a stranger in a SOS situation.

About SOS

They were embarrassed to talk to a stranger and they refused to wear the devices.

"If someone calls me and asks me if I need 999 or an ambulance, then why wouldn't I call it myself?" they asked. And again "Why do I need a stranger to contact any of my family members I can call any of you myself?"

That's why we created a system to be always connected with your family and provide complete visibility to all.

An active and independent life guarantees a longer existence.

The distance you could take the homebound ones were to the front garden if you were lucky, so it forced them to have a sedentary lifestyle.

It was important that our elderly family members remained independent, to go out and be active as we knew a sedentary lifestyle would mean they had a 60%+ more change of falling and reduced their health, reduced their lifespan and got ill quicker. We wanted them to be around in a fit state to see their grandchildren grow.

About independence

Building a new cost-effective telecare system.

About building

We pulled together a team of professionals willing to give up their time to come up with a great solution. We wanted it to be the most cost-effective solution on the market, whilst giving the family members as well as the person using it security, safety and peace of mind. The solution needed to be simple, but it wasn't "one size fits all". We wanted everyone to be able to customise it simply and personalise it so it worked within their lifestyle. We are proud to say "telecare reinvented", not just because we used the very best and most reliable and secure technology, but also how we operated our organisation, right from day one.

Helping the people who can't afford it.

We want to make sure that our profits are used to help those who really need our solutions but can't afford them.

We pledge to provide for every 10 paid solutions, we deliver one free to a person or family who really would benefit from My SOS Family.

We love to find solutions to make vulnerable people have better lives and our goal is to help 1 million people live an active and independent life.

About helping

We are part of BHTA & TSA (British Health Trade Association & Telecare Service Association). The SOS Family team is made up of key employees and consultants with years of senior/director experience in may different sectors implementing solutions for both Blue Chip companies as well as SME's. Our strategic non-executive board have supported and advised on BBC Digitalisation project, NHS Digitalisation project, GPS tracking and managing 70 customer service call centres across the UK.

Some of the successful projects our team have supported in their careers include:

Customer support call centre

Implementing customer support call centre for listed multi-site retail company using the same technology as London Ambulance service.

Safeguarding systems

Implementing safeguarding systems and processes for remote insurance claims assessors/employees visiting customers homes subcontracted by large insurance companies including Aviva, Ageas, Allianz and the Direct Group.

Safeguarding thousands of employees in the warehouse and distribution sector working with dangerous materials and working with major insurance companies to reduce employee risks and improve safety at work.

Public Sector schools

Providing Lone Worker devices and integrating processes into Public Sector schools.

GPS and tracking systems

Implementing GPS routing and tracking systems for subcontractors and employees of Euro Car Parts,  who delivering over 1 million parts to garages by lone delivery drivers.

Parcel and carrier tracking

Implementing parcel and carrier tracking of all parcels & deliveries made by JohnLewis.com, Boots.com and the Great Little Trading company.

SMS notifications

SMS notification of expected delivery slots to Customers of Harvey's Furnishings.

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