Message from Moony and Mani founders of My SOS Family: 

"We're dedicated to helping create support communities around those you care about." 

We do this by designing simple to use Apps that will quickly connect users to their trusted circle (SOS Family) of friends, family and colleagues in an emergency.

What happens when help is requested?: 

You will receive an SMS or e-mail as from the My SOS Family control center.

Inside the message, you will find all my details. Should you have any questions or if you don’t recognise me or why you are at this page, just contact

Right here you will find answers to other questions you may have as well.

* What does it mean to be my trusted SOS Contact?

As my trusted SOS Contact, you and others in my emergency contact network will be alerted if and when I trigger an SOS alert from one of my communication devices e.g. my smartphone app, Alexa Echo smart voice assistant, Google Home smart speaker, basic mobile phone, home landline phone, iPad, or tablet.

The “My SOS Family” control center will alert you via SMS, e-mail, or phone call. You will find instructions on what to do in that message.

Most importantly, I ask that you please take responsibility by replying back to the My SOS Family Control Centre, so that others who have received the same alert can be told to stand down.

You may receive multiple alerts via different means for example an email, an SMS and a phone call.

If you’re a SOS Contact for a number of different people using My SOS Family,  each person like me will be assigned a unique code up to 5 digits, which is key to reference when you reply to alerts so that My SOS Family control center knows whom you are taking responsibility for!

It’s as simple as can be!

* What do I need to know about alerts by SMS?

When you get an SMS Alert, it will include a link to either my recorded message or a google map link of my last location, my phone number, and my name.

Remember to first take responsibility so that other SOS contacts are informed that everything is under control!

* What do I need to know about alerts by phone call?

If your number has been added to be alerted by a phone call, you will receive a phone call from the My SOS Family control center who will say, “This is an Emergency Alert. <My Name> has pressed the SOS and says ‘Help me.’ To take responsibility, please press 1.”

To take responsibility, you just press 1 on your phone key pad.

* What do I need to know about alerts by e-mail?

If your email has been added, you will be sent an “e-mail alert” (from If I have recorded an alert message, this e-mail will also contain a link to my recorded voice message or a Google Maps link of my latest location if I've triggered the alert via a smartphone.

You can take responsibility by clicking on the “Take Responsibility” link.

Remember not to spam any email! Add to your safelist and take any emails already received out of "promotions" or "spam" folder and move them to your main inbox folder.

* What about Android smart phone special tracking features?

If I've got an Android phone, you can track me if I send an alert! This works only for 24 hours after the alert unless I change my settings to “find me anytime.” Remember the default setting is “switched off” for privacy reasons!

To get my location, you must reply to My SOS Family Control Center with Find@xxxx,  (“xxxx”  being my unique code), my current location is sent to you!

If I have an iOS (Apple) device, I have to go into my settings to enable “background updates” so my location is updated in my "My SOS Family Cloud account.”

This means any find@XXX you request will get only the “last location” that was updated in my cloud account. I can improve the frequency and accuracy, but it does drain my battery.

If you understand the above, great! That’s all there is to it.

If not, and if you have any more questions, you can send an email to the team at, who can answer any questions.

Thanks again (I hope I never have to use it)!

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