NO CONTRACT. CANCEL ANYTIME. 3.50 per month Or 35 annually

Get unlimited* alerts. No cap on family members or friends added.

* Fair usage applies
iPhone, Alexa, Google Home

Use together at
no additional cost

Use the mobile app and Alexa (or Google Home) at no extra cost. Our system allows 2 devices, touch and voice, on the same account. Your account balance reduces only when SOS alerts are triggered.

If you don't have a smart phone, you can use your basic phone or landline with your wireless voice activated speaker.

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Absolutely free for 14 days. No commitment.


Get 10 alerts up to one year. To get the best out of your top up plan, purchase before your balance expires so that remaining credit rolls over.

- Top up accounts are limited to 5 contacts

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Expires: 22nd Mar 2018

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Expires: 22nd Mar 2019

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Absolutely free for 14 days. No commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get charged after the trial ends?

No. For your contacts to continue receiving SOS alerts by SMS or voice you must login either via the website or app to choose your preferred payment method.

If I download the APP will I be charged?

No. When you first register you will receive free credit to trial our service. When the trial ends there is no fee. If are happy and feel you need the service you then login and choose a payment method.

Will Amazon charge me for using Alexa with My SOS Family?

No. Our service is not linked to Amazon. There is no in-app purchase mechanism. You must login via our website to make payments.

When does PAY AS YOU GO credit expire?

PAY AS YOU GO credit rolls over every month but expires after 12 months if unused. If you have £3 credit and decide to add £10 on the 11th month, your new balance will be £13 and any unused credit expires in 12 months from the date of purchase.

Will my account stop working if my credit runs out?

For PAYG, when the balance drops below 1 the Account Holder will be sent an alert/reminder. You can top-up from as little as 10 which will be added to your account immediately.

How long will the minimum PAYG amount last?

For 'low use' customers, 10 is sufficient for the year.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your account whenever you wish, and no further payments will be taken after that month.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on monthly subscriptions. For all prepaid credit we offer 30 day money back for first time users on the remaining balance only.

Can I change my plan or cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade whenever you wish. Just send an mail to if you need any help with this. You can cancel your account at any time and you will not be charged again. We are unable to offer partial refunds after the first 30 day period.

How can I pay?

You must login into your account to setup subscriptions or top up. We also send reminders by SMS and email for PAY AS YOU GO customers.

We use Paypal and Stripe. You do not to create an account to use these payment providers; most Credit Cards and Debit Cards are accepted.

What do I need to use My SOS Family?

Any phone, a basic mobile phone, home-phone (landline), smartphone or voice service such as Alexa. Apps are available on Android phone or iPhone as well as smart watches.

On the free trial do you ask for my credit card information?

No, we give you free credit which expires after 14 days or when credit runs out. This credit allows new registrants time to decide if the service is what they need.

What if I have further questions?

You can get in touch with us via email at