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My SOS Family® Platform

Fire Extinguisher

Embrace the future of mobile response & monitoring.
Complement your services with our Platform.

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Empowering Communities: Your Support, Our Platform

My SOS Family® works on every phone and mobile device, iPhones, all Android phones, all Basic cell mobile phones (non-smartphones), iPads or Android tablets and desktop based landline phones.

With 90% of people 18-44 and 80% of people aged over 65 having their own phone on or near them most of the time, there is no extra panic button or device to purchase..

Our platform offers a versatile range of features, including an iPhone app, an Android app, an Alexa skill for smart assistants, and a speed-dial number compatible with basic cell phones and home landlines (corded or cordless). This enables users to effortlessly and swiftly send for help via touch or voice commands.

Simply enter phone numbers and names of your designated "SOS Contacts," who are individuals within your organization or community chosen to receive alerts and who have agreed to support the user and we'll send them vital info including location

You provide people, we'll provide the tech, easy!


Triggering alerts is intuitive and easy-to-use, All alerts are sent outside the device, from our servers, We send alerts by SMS, phone calls, and emails to SOS Contacts.

My SOS Family detailed alert process can be found here >>>Link to Alert Process<<< (this link is to get a general  idea of how  alerts are sent) 

Our Smart-Alerts ensure only one responder confirms assistance. Everyone who has been alerted is then notified of the details of the person who will be helping, allowing them to stand down.

We take care of the tech, you take care of the people.

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Smaller Communities

Within a few minutes you can create an account either by downloading the App and then logging into your account from the email we send or online here; 
>>Click here to create an account <<<

You can add up-to 20 users per email address and as many "SOS Contacts" (your organizations responders/recipients of alerts), if you want to add more, email us at

You simply upgrade each user with a credit/debit card or PayPal a/c, you can charge the user Direct for your combined community services including covering the cost of the My SOS Family App.

Once you've added the customer/user to the My SOS Family Platform, SMS them a smart-link to their phone (>>Smart-link<<)  or provide them with the Speed-dial number (shown when you login to the platform) to add to their basic cellphone or landline.

If you expect a larger user base email us and we will provide you with a Reseller/Organization account.

No Contracts no Admin, focus on your service & customers using our Platform & Apps. 


  1. Scalability:
    Add as many users as needed without constraints, whether it's 100, 1,000, or even 100,000.
    Our platform seamlessly accommodates your growing network, simplifying management and oversight.

  2. Flexible Payment Options:
    Pay for new users at the end of each week, based on the additions made to your account.
    This model ensures cost-effectiveness and eliminates Admin and reduces card charges.

  3. Organizational Hierarchy:
    Establish sub-organizations within your account to categorize users based on location, affiliation, or any other criteria. This hierarchical structure enhances organization and improves user management.

  4. Dynamic SOS Contacts: (Launching 1st May 24)
    For those offering round-the-clock response services, our platform allows for the creation of up to three distinct groups of mobile responders. With the flexibility to activate and deactivate these groups, managing shifts becomes seamless and efficient.


  5. Hide certain app menus. (launching 1st May-24)
    You can select which menus/features to hide within the Users App, for example access to who the emergency contacts / recipients of alerts are, Check-in feature, ability  to delete their account, test-on-yourself option, this helps simplify the app for the end-user.   


    Permission to use the My SOS Family brand name and logo together with your own Brand.
    Enhanced reporting,, additional featu
    res and enhanced financial terms.   

An image off 3 groups of 10 people on shifts each group will be people who are out and abo
Running with Guide


The name "MY SOS FAMILY" is a registered trademark symbolizing trustworthiness. If and when you are accepted, to manage a reseller account, you are authorized to utilize our logo and colors as outlined in our Media Brand Guideline file. (>>Link here<<) 

When incorporating our name alongside yours, feel free to use it in conjunction with your business or brand name. (For instance, if your business or brand is called "XYZ") :

XYZ powered by MY SOS FAMILY.

In addition to agreeing to our Terms and Conditions,

t's imperative to uphold our core guiding principles when utilizing My SOS Family:

  1. Transparent Pricing:
    Ensure that the cost of your services is clearly stated upfront, with no hidden fees, providing clarity to users before sign-up.

  2. Clear and Simple Cancellation Policy:
    Users on monthly or quarterly paid-in-advance plans, apart from annual subscriptions, should have the ease of canceling before the next billing cycle.

  3. Honesty and Integrity:
    We treat our users with the same honesty and integrity as we would our own family. We expect the same level of honesty and trustworthiness from you in your interactions with your users.

  4. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    Operate within the legal framework and adhere to local regulations, including having appropriate insurance coverage and ensuring proper training and compliance with legal requirements.

  5. Speed of Response:
    Maintain the agreed-upon performance standards and provide prompt responses to ensure efficient service delivery to your customers.


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