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“This App is amazing, very useful.”


“It’s marvelous”


“Great idea, something genuinely useful.”


“Watching HSN I saw this service and added it to my phone. My family and I have extra protection and it saved us money.”


“My father did not want this service but we insisted as he lives on his own he fell last week and used the app and is happy to use it again now. please can you allow messages to be sent in Spanish. con gracias anticipadas”


“Got a hand-me-down iPhone from my daughter with this app. I don’t do reviews much but my daughter was sent a link to review and asked me to say what i thought. I like the simplicity of the app. It’s designed well especially for people like me who find it hard using modern phones. I can now easily call for help my family and friends with one press.”


“We loved the simplicity of this service, on my fathers cordless phone we attached a lanyard, then added the my sos family speed dial number to 5 keys so dad can press any phone button and it works its as simple as that.”


“My mother bought an Amazon Echo from QVC. I set it up for her and she’s been happier, she talks to it like a friend and asks the weather, plays trivia games, listens to the radio. Last week she fell and would have been on the floor for hours if it wasn’t for the free Gift card for My SOS Family skill that QVC sent her with the echo. Luckily we wrote “Alexa Start My SOS Family” on a post-it and stuck it on the echo. Thank you QVC and My SOS Family.”


“Great App, my auntie uses this. I think it’s a great innovation. I will be recommending this to help a lot more people.”


“What a fantastic app. It was easy to set-up, amazing tool for my daughter who has special needs but wants independence. I will certainly be recommending this to my friends and to my daughters disability social worker who I’m sure would find it extremely useful.”


“Such a brilliant application. We use it for my elderly mother, who occasionally is alone at home. I don’t understand why it’s not more well known & used by Social Services, I’m sure it’ll save a lot of money.”


“My SOS Family was straight forward to set up and we use it for our daughter who travels to school by train. Easy to use and I can check where she is giving peace of mind. Very happy with this App.”


“I highly recommend this product … it’s easy to use … just one press of a button alerts everyone in the contact group when in distress. Well done, great app My SOS Family! “


“This app was a great discovery. I wanted something more than a tracker as I was worried about my daughter transitioning to secondary and walking alone. I was so impressed, I also purchased the Amazon echo dot for my housebound mum who has an aversion to technology. Thankfully she was charmed by Alexa and now has a virtual companion!! We’ve printed the card so mum doesn’t forget the commands. I highly recommend My SOS.”


“As a window cleaner i work alone often in high and potentially dangerous places. it gives me great peace of mind to be able to set the timer on My SOS Family app so if anything happens my workmate will be notified. Thanks!”


“Having tried many apps and this one hits the mark. I like that it works with other tech so considering Alexa too.”


“I have tried it and felt I should leave a review. I found the app extremely useful which I can see helping the vulnerable and giving peace of mind to their families. Very practical & highly versatile. I think it’s a great app.”


“Had this up and running within a day and now have peace of mind and feel reassured that my grandmother has an efficient alarm system. I always worried in case she had a fall, and now have a huge sense of relief!”


“My SOS Family has given me reassurance and eased my worries when leaving elderly family members alone. It’s also given them their confidence and independence back as they’re able to get on with the day knowing that clicking a button will immediately contact the family. Highly recommended!”


“This app really works, it gives me so much reassurance knowing my elderly mum can reach me in an emergency.”


“It is a reassuring feeling knowing any of your vulnerable loved ones can reach out any time anywhere to contact you and others in your family. I’m sure this has changed the life of many users giving confidence and independence back enabling them to get on with their lives without fear of being alone at any time. I highly recommend My SOS Family for anyone who has elderly or vulnerable family members.”


“Great idea ! I work with vulnerable adults and also have an elderly disabled mother. This would give me and many others I know, peace of mind for carers and family alike. Also increased independence for all concerned. Well done.”


“I was feeling very anxious about my son starting secondary school later this year and was so confused with the multitude of trackers and apps. My SOS Family was the best fit as I travel and work abroad. This app helps my son to check in with a message and also I could track his current location anytime. Given an emergency, the ability to contact everyone at once is great. I could use several apps to achieve all this but I love the convenience. Still, I worry but at least my mind is more at ease knowing my friends can also help if needed.”


“Gives me the confidence my son can reach me on demand.”


“Great idea! My parent live abroad so it’s not practical for us. Having tested with my kids I can see how it offers great peace of mind especially keeping aging family members independent. Also to allow our young ones the opportunity to fly the nest knowing we are just a button away.”


“Superb app, really helped us worry less about mum. She’s not good with modern phones and doesn’t get out much using My SOS’s with Alexa is amazing and easy for her to use. Wish we had this earlier.”

Dr. G S

“Great app helped with my elderly relative and reduced the burden on carers. I thoroughly recommend my sos family.”


“Overwhelmed by the functionality of this easy to use App. Keeps my mind at reassured that the vulnerable members of my family are a tap away.”


“Easy to use at a sensible cost. A life saver application in critical situations.”


“I brought it for my mother in law who visits us often to help with the kids. Although she good for her age, if for any reason she falls or panics on her train journey she can reach us all easily. I think it’s a great app, very easy for her to use and affordable.”


“So easy to use! Quick to set up and an ideal tool for certain people of certain needs. “


“Fab app, really reassuring to have something in place in case of emergency.”

Rebbeca, from Ti Security

“[My SOS Family] has been great along the process, ensuring the app is tailored to suit our business and engineers. The app is very easy to use and simple. Thank you again.”

Elena, from GetADrip

“We are using the Business version of My SOS Family app and we are finding it very helpful.
It’s very easy to install, register and use. In case of emergency the location of the person in need is very accurate and also can be used without being connected to the Internet.
You can add multiple contacts to get notified when the button is pressed. The team that works behind is very professional and ready to help. Thank you [My SOS Family] for being so helpful.”

from Relationships Australia

“My organisation has been using the My SOS Family App on our android phones for a couple of years now. It’s now one of the whitelisted apps that is auto deployed to new Android phones in our organisation.”


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