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Business people showing they are supporting each other with the My SOS Family Lone Worker Protection App


It's for those who matter most.


My SOS Family® provides you with easy to use tools and a smart service, to ensure that you , your staff, or your loved ones never feel alone and are safe & secure.

We are the leading personalized, mobile community-driven emergency alert and response service.

My SOS Family® is the leading mobile community-based emergency alert and response service, that helps you to safeguard those who matter most.

3 easy steps to improve your safety

1. Download the My SOS Family® App.

2. Add people you trust (SOS Family)

3. Test the service on yourself or others. 

With My SOS Family® you'll feel confident and better prepared for that unknown emergency.

Avoid facing it alone without an action plan, or solely relying on strangers to help.

The Leading Mobile Community-Driven Automated Emergency Response and Safety Service.

The digital age of Smartphones with
My SOS Family,
allows you to say goodbye to slow
manual call-center processes. 



10 unique attributes of the My SOS Family® system:

  1. Automated Smart First-Responder Alerting System:

    My SOS Family's automated alerting system simultaneously contacts a preset list of emergency contacts through various communication channels, including phone calls, text messages, emails, and in-app notifications.

    This automated approach ensures that help is quickly mobilized in emergency situations.

  2. Coordination of Emergency Contacts:

    My SOS Family® assigns the first available responder who confirms they can help, to handle the incident then informs all other emergency contacts.

    This ensures a coordinated response and allows other contacts to stand down once assistance has been confirmed, reducing confusion and enhancing efficiency.

  3. Location Sharing:

    My SOS Family® provides the user's real-time location information as part of the alert, which is crucial for responders to locate individuals in distress quickly.

    This feature enhances the effectiveness of the response.

  4. Message and Multimedia Sharing:

    The app allows users to include messages, videos, or photos along with their emergency alerts.

    This capability provides responders with contextual info. about the situation, helping them make informed decisions.

  5. Community-Driven Response:

    "My SOS Family"® approach involves the user's personal network of emergency contacts, fostering a sense of community and trust.

    A community-driven response is valuable in times of distress.

  6. Versatility in Emergency Situations:

    The app's ability to handle various types of emergencies, whether medical, safety-related, or other incidents, makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of scenarios.

  7. User Empowerment:

    By allowing users to select their emergency contacts and customize their alerts, "My SOS Family"® empowers individuals to take control of their safety and well-being.

  8. Speed and Efficiency:

    The automated alert system ensures a swift response by reaching out to multiple contacts simultaneously, increasing the chances of getting immediate assistance.

  9. User-Friendly Interface:

    A user-friendly interface can make it easy for individuals to use the app during stressful situations, enhancing its effectiveness.

  10. Privacy and Security:

    Ensuring the privacy and security of user data and communications is crucial, and "My SOS Family" may emphasize strong security measures to protect users' information.

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