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You need to be the first one to know if your family member has an emergency, not a call centre operator. Our alert system puts you back in control and gives you and your family unrivaled peace of mind.

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What people are saying about My SOS Family:


Carol (London)

"As a nurse I’ve seen that, far too often, people have falls and lose their confidence because of the length of time it took to get help. If my husband (he has motor neurone disease) has a fall now, whoever is in the nearest location to him will be there to help him recover quickly."


Joyce (Kent)

"A few years ago I had a mini stroke, following which had a pendant alarm installed in my flat in case I need help - which is fine for indoors but I like to go out! I called up My SOS Family and they helped me to choose the right solution. My family helped me to set it up and now I can go outside with confidence again!"


Maureen (Birmingham)
75 years old

"After getting gradually more unsteady on my feet my children became concerned for my welfare. They are both really busy and live distance away so having them watch over me all the time wasn’t an option. My SOS family were great, they helped me set up my pendant. It has given my family peace of mind and given me back my independence!"