A personal alarm that sends SOS alerts to your friends or family

When an alert is triggered, your family or friends are informed simultaneously. There is no call centre, our automated system sends the alerts instantly for you.

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Use mobile app, Alexa, Google Home, smart watches or landlines phones to send SOS alerts; compatible with most devices

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Voice assistant at home

Ask Alexa to send help alert at home

Devices like Alexa can send SOS alerts using your voice. There's no need to search for your phone or button, just speak and Alexa responds.

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Use the App anywhere

Use the App to send alerts anytime, anywhere

Feel safe with the mobile app to hand in case you need to send for help anywhere you go, in the garden, going for a walk or shopping.

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Try it free for 14 days

Absolutely free for 14 days. No commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Costs as little as per month or per year.

Do I get charged after the trial ends?

No. To send SOS alerts by SMS or CALL you have the option to pay via the website or a link we send you.

If I download the APP will I be charged?

No. When you first register you will receive 5 alerts to trial our service. When the trial ends there is no fee. If are happy with our service you then login and pay or alternatively call us.

Will Amazon charge me for using Alexa with My SOS Family?

No. Our service is not linked to Amazon. There is no in-app purchase mechanism. You can either login via our website or call us to make a payment.

Can I change my plan or cancel my account?

You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade whenever you wish. Email us at info@mysosfamily.com if you need any help. We are unable to offer partial refunds after the first 30 days of using our service.

How can I pay?

Login into your account and click the upgrade button. You may have received a payment link during your trial.

Compatible with most devices

Turn any phone into a personal alarm in less than 5 minutes.
Stay safe, protected and connected any time of the day.

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