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​My SOS Family Emergency Alert App is for people who spend time alone and worry about personal safety, it allows them to feel safer, knowing they can easily get physical help tailored to their specific needs from people they know well and trust.

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Big SOS panic button on a smartphone

Feel confidently better prepared for any emergency

Smart Protection

from people you know & trust

Always Connected

Feel Safer & Never Alone


No equipment needed

"My SOS Family has given me reassurance and eased my worries when leaving elderly family members alone. It’s also given them their confidence to get on with the day knowing that clicking a button will immediately contact the family."


Multi cultural multi race family using the My SOS Family Emergency App


No start-up cost, no long contract, and no equipment needed. First 14 days FREE then from as little as '1.67' a month.

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The My SOS Family way

The phrase "My SOS Family" encapsulates the essence of a unique SOS Alert service provided by the My SOS Family App. In this context, the term "family" extends beyond the traditional blood relations to include a trusted network of individuals who are intimately familiar with the user's needs, concerns, and well-being.


These are people who have formed strong bonds of trust and care with the user, understanding their unique circumstances and going above and beyond what a paid person in a monitoring call center would typically offer.

Unlike a generic monitoring service, the My SOS Family App allows users to select their own network of emergency contacts, who are often friends, family members, co-workers or caregivers.


These are individuals who share a deep connection with the user, possessing firsthand knowledge of their medical conditions, personal preferences, and specific requirements during times of distress.


The user trusts that their chosen "family" of contacts will respond with empathy, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to their well-being.

This personalized approach to emergency alert services sets the My SOS Family App apart from a traditional monitoring call center, where operators may not have a personal connection with the user. In contrast, the chosen contacts in the user's SOS network understand their unique circumstances, offering a level of support and care that goes beyond the call of duty.

The concept of "My SOS Family" thus signifies a close-knit community of trusted individuals who are committed to the user's safety and well-being. It represents a bond that surpasses a professional relationship and delves into the realms of genuine care and personal connection.

By relying on this network, users of the My SOS Family App can experience a heightened sense of security, knowing that they have a team of individuals who will always prioritize their needs and provide the support they require in times of distress.

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