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Sand Timer in glass demonstrating how the SOS Timer on the My SOS Family Emergency Alarm App works


This feature is helpful if you’re worried an activity may result in you being unable to talk to Google Assist to send an SOS. You can set the countdown timer by simply saying:

“Google Assist Open My SOS Family and set the timer for 20 minutes”.

Google Assist then synchronises the My SOS Family service (via the internet) so that if there is an incident, wifi stops working or even a power cut, our system will continue the count down remotely and trigger the SOS alert automatically to your contacts.

If you’re OK, you must cancel the timer by saying:

“Google Assist to Open the My SOS Family Skill”

Otherwise SOS alerts will be sent to your emergency contacts.

Customers regularly tell us this feature gives them peace of mind and security in numerous situations.

A few examples you can set the timer prior to:

  • Having a shower;

  • Going to the bathroom;

  • Answering the door to a stranger;

  • Walking the dog;

  • Gardening;

  • Climbing a ladder;

  • Going down the cellar or basement;

  • and many more ..

Take a moment and consider a few situations this feature could be useful when you are alone, and how the timer feature could prove useful.


  • Link your account:
    From your Google Home App, choose ‘Settings’ choose ‘Services’ and from there choose ‘Explore’ search for My SOS Family, Tap on the App Card, and choose ‘Link’ you can link to it directly here.

  • Enter your My SOS Family username & password and follow the onscreen instructions, if you don’t have an account with My SOS Family you can create one there or here.

  • You are ready to test it
    Say OK Google talk to My SOS Family or can I talk to My SOS Family to help me


We have your needs covered!

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