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Best pendants, telecare and SOS emergency alert systems in the UK

Updated: Jan 30


Choosing the best emergency alert system for a elderly vulnerable family members in the UK isn't easy, with hundreds to choose from it can be difficult to tell them apart.

We've made some general comparison of My SOS Family Emergency service with the typical UK providers of pendant-type telecare and SOS emergency alert and alarm pendants liked to monitoring centres used by the elderly when alone at home:

My SOS Family Emergency App:

  • My SOS Family is a mobile application designed to provide emergency assistance to users in distress. It allows the elderly and vulnerable individuals to send SOS alerts to their designated contacts or emergency services with just a tap on their smartphone.

  • The app uses GPS technology to share the user's location with emergency contacts, enabling them to respond quickly and accurately in case of an emergency.

  • Some apps like My SOS Family might include additional features such as fall detection, medication reminders, and the ability to store important medical information, however as more features are added the ease of use becomes diminished as users can become confused with too many options, that's why you press a big red SOS button on screen when you need help, exactly the same as SOS Pendants.

The main UK providers of pendant-type telecare and SOS emergency alert systems:

  • There are several UK-based providers of pendant-type telecare systems, also known as personal emergency response systems (PERS). Some of the well-known providers include Age UK (run by Axa Insurance), Lifeline24, Telecare24, PPP Taking Care (formerly Saga SOS), Lifeline, Philips Lifeline, Teneo, and FallSense.

  • These systems usually consist of a wearable pendant or wristband with an SOS button. When pressed, it triggers a call to a 24/7 monitoring center staffed by trained operators.

  • The monitoring center operators will assess the situation and will telephone the user and if the user needs medical help or the police they contact the appropriate emergency services, but 95% of the time they will contact the user's nominated contacts to provide assistance.

  • Pendant telecare systems are typically designed to work within the user's home, and some might have limited range extensions to cover the garden area.

My SOS Family Emergency App

  • Pros:

    • Easy to use

    • Can be used anywhere in the world

    • Can be customized to meet individual needs

    • Affordable

    • Provides peace of mind for both the user and their loved ones

    • Family members will go above and beyond paid duty

    • Works with Alexa

    • Works with basic landlines including cordless phones and basic cell phones.

  • Cons:

    • Not as well-known as some other providers

Lifeline, Philips Lifeline, FallSence, Lifeline24, Teneo, Saga SOS, Telecare24, PPP Taking Care

  • Pros:

    • Well-known

    • Linked to a Monitoring centre

    • Easy to use.

    • Good customer service.

  • Cons:

    • Can be expensive

    • Monitoring staff dealing with many other customers/alerts.

    • Not be as affordable or customisable as My SOS Family Emergency App

    • Not as many features as the My SOS Family App.

Lifeline, Philips Lifeline, FallSence, Lifeline24, Teneo, Saga SOS, Telecare24, PPP Taking Care, are all well-known and established providers that offer 24/7 monitoring, and offer offer the same amount of features and peace of mind as My SOS Family. However the biggest fundamental difference is that unlike those providers My SOS Family is monitored by family members 24/7 who are ultimately the people that providers like Lifeline, Philips Lifeline, FallSence, Lifeline24, Teneo, Saga SOS, Telecare24, PPP Taking Care will call to assist the user.

That's why My SOS Family gives extra peace of mind because it fast and cuts out the middle person i.e. the paid person working in the call monitoring centre who may be dealing with many other customers.

Ultimately, the choice between My SOS Family and pendant telecare systems depends on the user's preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs.

Some individuals may prefer the simplicity and familiarity of a wearable pendant,

while others may find the convenience and versatility of a smartphone app more appealing.

When choosing a solution, it's essential to consider factors such as network coverage, battery life, response time, and overall reliability. Additionally, it's advisable to check for any updates or advancements in both categories of products as technology continues to evolve.


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