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How My SOS Family is Helping to Reduce 911 Call Volume and Save Lives

Updated: Jan 30

911 call center

In recent years, there has been a growing problem of 911 call abuse. This occurs when people make false or frivolous calls to 911, often as a prank or to get attention. These calls can overwhelm 911 call centers and delay or prevent the response to legitimate emergencies.

One of the areas most affected by 911 call abuse is Georgia. In 2022, there were over 1 million 911 calls made in Georgia, and a significant number of these calls were found to be fraudulent. This has led to concerns about the ability of 911 call centers to respond to real emergencies.

One way to address the problem of 911 call abuse is to use a family emergency alert app like My SOS Family. My SOS Family is a mobile app that allows families to stay connected and send emergency alerts to each other.

This can be used to send help in the event of an emergency, such as a fall, a heart attack, or a car accident.

My SOS Family can help to reduce 911 call abuse because, it provides families with a quick and easy way to communicate during an emergency without having to solely rely on 911. This can help to free up 911 call centers for people who are truly in need, or least let others know they need help whilst waiting to connect and talk to a 911 operator.

My SOS Family can also help to save lives. By providing families with a way to communicate during an emergency, the app can help to ensure that help arrives quickly. This is especially important for people who live in rural areas or who have limited access to 911 or 911 services average response times are long.

An example of how My SOS Family can help save a life's; Imagine a 75-year-old man who lives alone in a rural area. He has a history of heart problems, and he has a fall one day. He is unable to get up;

He simply opens the App and presses a button, or uses the quick access short-cut emergency widget that is easy to set-up with the My SOS Family App.

If for some reason he cannot reach his phone to call 911, he can use his voice to initiate alerts with My SOS Family, followed by calling 911 using his voice.

Whilst waiting for 911 operator, Imagine he's wife is out and some distance away, and she is alerted by My SOS Family. She knows that something is wrong, but also knows it will take some time for her to get home.

Fortunately she knows the app is also sending an emergency alert to others like her son, who lives nearby, within 30 seconds sees gets an update from My SOS Family telling her that her son is dealing with the emergency.

He son calls travels to his fathers house and calls 911. The son has the option to wait for 911 ambulance or can take his father to the nearest hospital.

This is just one example of how My SOS Family can help to save lives. The app is a valuable resource for families, and it can help to reduce 911 call abuse and ensure that help arrives quickly in an emergency.

If you are concerned about the problem of 911 call abuse, I encourage you to learn more about My SOS Family. The app is available for free to test on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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