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Choosing the right service to safeguard a family member is not an easy task to perform on your own. 


We're comparing My SOS Family® to popular telecare and care line Alarm SOS Alert services for vulnerable users, which are usually but not limited to elderly users.

The key difference between My SOS Family and a traditional Alarm service provider is that with the traditional provider you purchase a separate device, either a SIM based portable SOS button or a wireless pendant worn around the neck or on the wrist.

Because over 90% of people aged over 65 have either a mobile phone or a landline on or near them most of the time, with My SOS Family there is no extra panic button or device to purchase. or remember to carry, or remember to charge the device.

We've build a service from the ground up jointly with the elderly community, and using "a common sense practical approach".


To provide an easy-to-trigger, alerting, monitoring and response service, where users don't feel like they have to hide their "badge of vulnerability Pendant" and aren't restricted to  the constraints of old fashion technology or processes that keeps them bound to their home.

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My SOS Family Process


Press the button, the User is asked (based on country) if they  would like to also call 999 / 911 / 112 / 000 whilst in the background our Automated Emergency Alert system  instantly notifies all designated contacts through calls and SMS simultaneously.

Bypassing the delays often associated with traditional call centers. Rather than relying on a single operator making sequential calls, all contacts can respond simultaneously, leveraging the collective support of the user's trusted network.

Our system doesn't just notify; it actively engages contacts in the response. Since emergency contacts are familiar with the user's preferences and routines, there's no need for additional information retrieval. This familiarity enables a more informed and coordinated response, ensuring that responders are well-equipped to address the user's specific needs promptly and effectively.

Emergency contacts can take direct action by calling an ambulance or the police on behalf of the user. With the capability to merge calls on any iPhone or Android phone, all parties can be connected simultaneously, enabling emergency contacts to perform all necessary tasks typically handled by a call center operator. This seamless integration empowers contacts to provide comprehensive assistance to the user in their time of need, ultimately even with a call center system, they are the ones that will be helping.

Smartphone + My SOS Family Process

Call Centre Process


When the user activates a traditional pendant alarm, the process typically involves contacting a call center staffed by operators often located hundreds of miles away.

Once the button is pressed, a notification is sent to the call center's computer system, which holds some basic user information, provided when signing up for the service,, the first available operator is assigned the case. 

An operator then initiates a phone call to the user, introducing themselves and assessing the situation. If necessary, the operator may call emergency   services, and some systems initiate a three way call,  during which they can ask  for an ambulance, or police to be dispatched  or contact the user's designated emergency contacts.

However, if the user cannot be reached, the effectiveness of the response is compromised, as the operator lacks crucial details about the situation and must rely solely on contacting the user's emergency contacts sequentially based on a pre-defined priority order,  until they get eventually get through to one of the emergency contacts.

Pendant + Call Centre Process


Old Friends

My SOS Family beyond the
Android and iPhone

Basic cell phones or landlines

While many seniors use smartphones, some prefer the comfort of Basic cell phones or landlines. My SOS Family is designed with you in mind!

No need for extra devices:

Simply add our number to your phone's contacts and program it on a speed dial key.


One long press, and you're connected:

Get help from your loved ones instantly in an emergency, just like a pendant call center system, but on your familiar phone!



25% of the USA population and 38% of the UK population has at least one Alexa Speaker at home.

For those who do, then the MY SOS FAMILY Skill is the perfect companion, triggering alerts is easy, simply say Alexa "Open My SOS Family".


You can add a short custom message or just send alerts with the standard default "Help Me!"  

Seating Area
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The landscape of personal emergency monitoring is undergoing a transformation;
  • Going Digital:
    The UK is phasing out traditional landlines (PSTN) by Dec-25, with a move towards Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. This trend is also gaining traction in other developed nations like the USA, France, Canada, and Germany.

  • Mobile GPS Pendants:
    To adapt to mobile users, Call Centers are providing  GPS pendant devices that require a separate SIM card, monthly plan, and charging, similar to a basic cell phone.
    This can be inconvenient for users who may forget to charge or carry two devices.

    These devices, often mass-produced, might be readily available on online marketplaces for a low price point. Think: searching "Portable GPS SOS Pendant" on Alibaba and find identical models for $45.


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