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4 reasons why emergency phone calls are noticed more than sms's

Here are some key reasons why My SOS Family automated emergency phone call may be more noticeable than other providers that only send SOS's via an SMS messages:

1. Attention-grabbing:

An automated phone call is attention-grabbing and demanding, especially if your phone has a loud ringer or you've saved the My SOS Family call number with a distinct sound and useful as these are urgent messages.

2. Hands-free:

In situations where a recipient cannot use their hands, such as while driving, an phone call can be more effective than an SMS message.

This is because reading or responding to an SMS message while driving is illegal in many jurisdictions and can be dangerous.

3. Time-sensitive:

Emergency alerts are time-sensitive and require immediate attention, a phone call is more effective than an SMS message because the recipient receives the call and message immediately.

4. Legal compliance:

In many jurisdictions, it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, including reading or responding to SMS messages. An emergency phone call can be more effective in ensuring legal compliance, as the recipient can simply listen to the message without needing to use their hands.

My SOS Family provides a comprehensive solution

However, it's worth noting that alerts sent and received using both SMS messages and phone calls have their own unique benefits, and a combination of both can be the most effective way to ensure that messages are noticed and responded to.

This is because some people may prefer one method over the other, and a combination of both can help ensure that your message reaches the widest audience possible, where emergency contacts may be older people like neighbours who many only use a traditional landline phone.

The emergency phone call is attention grabbing to indicate there is a problem, and the SMS may have further vital information like the location link, message, video or photo and you can now see why My SOS Family provide the level of support you deserve.

If you've already downloaded the My SOS Family App , thank you for joining thousands of like minded , safety conscious group, if you have any questions or would like to know more about any features, or new ones we're adding get in touch/

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