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Elevating the Safety of Security Personnel with My SOS Family App


Security personnel, guardians of our peace and safety, those that look after our assets and offices often find themselves confronting risks and potential threats, especially when working alone or in secluded locations. Balancing vigilance and self-preservation becomes pivotal.

The My SOS Family App steps in as an indispensable ally, ensuring that in moments of crisis, assistance is merely a touch away.

The Night Watch: A Scenario Unveiling Hidden Perils

Consider James, a security guard assigned to the night shift at a remote warehouse. His responsibilities include patrolling the expansive property, ensuring all is secure. One night, an unforeseen incident occurs: he encounters intruders. Alone and outnumbered, James finds himself in a precarious situation.

Here, the My SOS Family App becomes his silent sentinel, enabling him to send alerts, synchronize assistance during patrols with the SOS Timer, and check-in at each patrol point, ensuring his safety is monitored and assistance is dispatched when needed.

My SOS Family App: A Silent Guardian for Security Personnel

The My SOS Family App is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by security personnel, providing a swift, efficient, and discreet way to signal for help and communicate during emergencies.

Key Features for Security Personnel:

  • Instantaneous SOS Alerts: Immediate alerts can be sent to predefined emergency contacts, ensuring that help is dispatched at the earliest.

  • The ability to also call emergency services 911 / 999 / 000 /112 whilst the app also alerts pre-defined emergency contacts.

  • SOS Timer for Patrolling: When embarking on patrols, the SOS Timer can be set and will automatically send alerts if it hits zero, ensuring alerts are sent even if the user is incapacitated or the phone is damaged.

  • Check-in Feature: Security personnel can check-in at each patrol point, sending an email with their location (and optionally, a photo or video) to selected contacts, providing a log and additional safety during patrols.

  • Real-time Location Sharing: The app shares the user’s real-time location with their emergency contacts, ensuring they can be located promptly during crises.

Ensuring Safety During Critical Incidents

Automated Assistance and Alert

In our scenario, as James engages the SOS Timer during his patrol, should an incident prevent him from deactivating the timer, alerts would be sent to his emergency contacts even if his phone is taken or damaged, ensuring assistance is dispatched.

Continuous Monitoring through Check-ins

Furthermore, through the Check-in feature, James can log his patrol, providing a continuous update of his whereabouts to his emergency contacts, and offering an additional layer of security and monitoring during his shift.

Enhanced Communication

The ability to communicate, share visuals, and provide location data ensures that emergency services and support can be coordinated effectively during incidents.

Vital Implications for HR and Health & Safety Professionals in Security

Compliance with Safety Standards

HR Managers and Health & Safety professionals in the security sector can utilize the My SOS Family App to uphold and demonstrate compliance with safety standards and regulations, ensuring that staff, especially those in lone working scenarios, are adequately safeguarded.

Building a Culture of Safety and Vigilance

Incorporating the My SOS Family App into safety protocols not only enhances the safety mechanisms but also reinforces a culture of vigilance and mutual support among security personnel.


Security personnel, in their steadfast commitment to safeguarding properties and individuals, deserve a robust safety net that protects them as they navigate through the risks inherent in their profession. The My SOS Family App stands as a beacon of safety and reliability, ensuring that when the guardians of our safety tread through risky scenarios, a safeguard is always active, monitoring, and ready to summon help.

HR Managers and Health & Safety professionals, by incorporating the My SOS Family App into their safety protocols, ensure that the welfare of their staff is prioritized, compliance is upheld, and a culture of safety and vigilance is embedded within the organization.

Safeguarding those who safeguard us and our possessions and property, with the My SOS Family App.



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